#1: Quondam
#1: Quondam

48 pp zine. Layout by REQ TDK. First edition.

GRAVER #1: ‘QUONDAM’ (July 2019)

Learn to pronounce

QUONDAM: quondam /ˈkwɒndəm,ˈkwɒndam/

1. that once was; former.


'REQ Says' - REQ TDK on his early days in the 80s-90s committing spray paint to walls and beats to tape

'Lunch table w/ Sensational' - quick Q&A with the legendary NYC rapper

'A few nice things and one that wasn’t w/ Nene Hatun' - Beste tells us about a few of her fave things

SOLO1 - art by Andy B

'ISSHU talks to Charlie about her Life and Music on the UK Road Protest and Squat Scene 1993-1999' - chat with Tim’s sister

LUDVIG - a prelude to a fuller article about the legendary UK anti-styler in the next issue

George Tourlas - ‘The Locust of the Eyes and Mouth’ 


Assorted tags and outlines throughout by US and European graff writers: RISE ONE AK, REQ TDK, PEGAS KOG LTS, GRAVER DYR ONE