Andy Rantzen

Andy Rantzen
More archival Andy Rantzen, this time courtesy of Efficient Space, who put out those highly rated Oz WavesSky Girl and Midnite Spares comps. Rantzen remains best known for his dourly excellent '80s industrial/post-punk offerings (solo and as part of Pelican Daughters), but this 12" - like the hard-hitting, broken house one-off 'Will I Dream' on Oz Waves - is aimed squarely at the soundsystem/dancefloor. Its four home-recorded cuts, recorded 1999-2000, include digi-dub bone-shaker 'Rock Steady' and - our pick - the briliant hip-hop/dancehall hybrid 'Green Man'. In many ways cut from the same cloth as the Suba, it's pleasingly rootical but idiosyncratic, exploratory stuff.


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