A-Mu-Kia (fur Future)
**Pre-order only, stock expected late June, 2019** Incredible cosmic-drone LP from Argentina...more info / clips to follow. EXCITED about this one!
Amour Et Sepulcre
Trou Aux Rats
Alberto Boccardi & Stefano Pilla
Sleeping giant on Egyptian/Algerian imprint NASHAZPHONE from earlier in the year, “BASTET” by Alberto Boccardi & Stefano Pilla is comprised of two shut-out-the-sun compositions (in four parts) - dynamic, troubled, electro- acoustic mesh that carry distant, suffocated melodies and deep,…
Heureusement Que Le Sang Sèche Vite
A project of young, budding multi-instrumentalist Augustin Brousseloux and Jean-Marc Foussat, the latter responsible for the somewhat classic '83 concrete work, "Abattage". "Heureusement.." is an excellent pulling of the duo's individual talents, relying equally on string and brass instruments as…
Horizon Capiton
Olivier Brisson
This beautiful, bewildering collage from French artist (and frequent Pascal Comelade collaborator) Olivier Brisson was released back in Spring, but only came to our attention recently, thanks to a recommendation from Nick Horn O'Plenty (ta). Sure enough, it's a stunner, exhilarating and…
Music For Zeitgeist Fighters
"Music For Zeitgeist Fighters is the new album by the much revered solo project of Gary Mundy (Ramleh, Broken Flag). Two pieces of intense, emotional, and purgative electronics miles away from audiophile realms. "Welcome to 2017. I'm laughing because I'm thinking of…
Pas Encore Mort
Tqaseem Mqamat El Haram 2016-2019
**Pre-order only, stock expected late June, 2019.** Wild, high pressure sound-design from Cairo - been looking forward to this one for months. Info / clips to follow.
Sister Iodine