Ayîk Adhîsta Adhîsta Ayîk
Suspenseful, sumptuously realised crime-and-dissonance scorings for the as-yet-unmade film of the as-yet-unwritten story of your life as an international murderer / fraudster / identity thief (mebbe?). Dwarfing their past achievements in one fell swoop, Razen capture the essence of what…
Giorgio Dursi
Woah, this is GOOD. And NOT a sequence of amplified bowel movements, as I initially assumed/feared. It turns out Giorgio Dursi is more interested in the intestine as a metaphor for the brain, and the way it creates speech and makes…
The World Of Shells
Typhonian Highlife
"Typhonian Highlife is the new moniker of Spencer Clark. Clark is the ultimate shape shifter, a trickster continuously mutating from a sci-fi hero, into a mystic guru or into a speculative visionary. As Typhonian Highlife he assimilates juxtapositions of the…