First Grade
ESSENTIAL mini-album of designer hyper-tekno and barn-burning amen fire from Milan’s Giorgio di Salvo aka AAR, self-released in collaboration with Haunter Records. While clearly in thrall to the loony-toons excesses of breakcore, and to the fucked-scientist rave deconstructions of EVOL,…
Inna Babalon
John T. Gast
Back in stock... last copies!  Double-vinyl pressing of John T. Gast’s Inna Babalon courtesy Italy’s Haunter Records. Originally released as a tape on his own 5 Gate Temple in early 2016, and subsequently made available digitally, its victory lap on non…
Stress II
**FINALLY got physical copies of this bastard in stock** Yes, yes it is nigh on impossible to imagine returning to night clubs as the thought of webcam drinking sessions becomes an ALMOST-reality, but I do hope to gaaawwwdd the dance…
Top Secret
Advanced Audio Research
*MID-PANDEMIC SALE! 50% OFF!* Aaarrrrr!! The sulphuric b-boy MONSTER that is Advanced Audio Research’s second LP has us cornered!  Every ounce as tense and frantic but a notably GROOVIER beast than the first outing, futuro-grime beat patterns hold their form…
Trigger Finger
Following on from their 2LP edition of John T. Gast's Inna Babalon, Italy's Haunter Records continue to get serious with a heavy mini-LP of aggro-techno/grime phuturistix from ZULI, the Egyptian producer best known for his outings on Lee Gamble's UIQ (although the…