Punk, post-punk, wave ++

Saunetic Fraction
Unovidual & M.NOMIZED
Peripheral Minimal
Ultra-alienated, minimal man-machine killers, 85-vintage, from the duo of Henk Wallays and Michel Madrange. Recommended for fans o’ DZ Electric, Dirk Ivers, early Esplendor G., etc. Some bangers on here. Also nice to see this sorta tackle being reissued on…
Time On Earth
La Vida Es Un Mus
If there was one record we wished we'd released in the year of 2019 - it be this!! The debut LP of this New York squad is a CATACLYSMIC punk obituary that basks as readily in the causeways of the…
All In Good Time
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Castle Face
Shouldn't work after all this time. But it does. Unhurried nggggggh from start to finish. 'Our Quiet Whisper' is just sublime. “It is impossible to denyno one sounds like Eddy CurrentI was hooked from riff oneand I was lucky enough…
Double Bugger
Itchy Bugger
Low Company
Nggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supremely hungover, red-eyed-and-can't-quite-be-arsed but utterly LIFE-AFFIRMING bedroom/loner-pop masterpiece from the Itchy Bugger. May this record bless your miserable existence like it has ours. Songs that somehow combine punk concision and psychedelic whimsy with a fluency accessible only to THE…
No Side
The Comes
La Vida Es Un Mus
BIG DAWG Tokyo hardcore LP reissued with the utmost care and precision. More speed and violence and attitude than a one-eyed seagull attacking a carrier-bag of kebab... Monster!    
Music Media
The Kiwi Animal
Digital Regress
The sublime and magnificent! More info and clips to follow. "Digital Regress's foray into the fabled NZ underground hops over to the North Island for two exquisite pieces of acoustic DIY and shadowy, cracked pastoralia. "After a few years spleen…
LP 4
Heavy Metal
Static Age
"COUNTER ELECTRODE - IRON MONO" "KILLING YOURSELF TO OWN YOUR PARENTS & THE TORIES" The eagerly, queasily awaited return of HEAVY METAL. Their fourth album in as many years is a double - 26 songs and 65 odd minutes exploring…
You Were So Young
The Cigarettes
Optic Nerve Recordings
So young? We weren’t even born mate. And yeah, these mod-punk lost boys lasted a sum total of two years (1979-80) and three recording sessions before they stubbed themselves out - still in their teens, ffs. No one really cared.…
The Clearing
A Produce
All Night Flight
Hark! A Produce’s disgustingly rare and sought-after, ultra-brooding minimal pop epic The Clearing available on vinyl for the first time since its original release in '88. A Produce was the late Barry Craig, who formed the Trance Port and Trance Port…
Jesus! This one’s taken a while. After the Forlag For Fri Musik edition of Monokultur’s debut LP sold out quicker than you could say "What's an 'Angrar Inget'*?" we’ve been waiting and toiling anxiously, excitedly, IMPATIENTLY to import some precious…