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Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives
Various Artists
Staggering 2LP comp of hard-to-find highlights from the 2013-17 catalogue of Birdfriend, the cassette label run by Koshiro Hino (goat, YPY), a varied and thrilling cornucopia of totally unknown (to us), gloriously unselfconscious mutant electronics, playful but hard-hitting avant-techno/dancehall rhythm…
The Last Song Of My Life
Tori Kudo
Fuck me, absolutely breathtaking LP... a fifty-minute instrumental voyage - somehow both epic and courageously understated - to the outer edges / intersection of DIY pop, free improvisation, modal jazz, art-rock minimalism and chamber music... can't think of ANY contemporary or…
Ten Point Plan To Destroy Astrology
Secluded Bronte
Singing Knives
Absurdist word/sound assemblages from Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman and Richard Thomas. Handful of deadstock copies of this lesser-spotted 2017 tape.
Gaia Tones #002
Gaia Tones
Gaia Tones
New brace of loose, lengthy, smoked-out free-techno sufferahs from the Gaia Tones camp. ‘Shackles’ is the one for us, a smudgy, delay-crazed, studio-real-cloudy dub-house front-crawl in finest Hallucinator or early Rhythm & Sound fashion, but with an unclenched, improvised feel that…
**Last copies!** Warehouse find of a tragically overlooked, turn-the-heater-on UK art-pop gem from 2004 - an all-time personal favourite. Avrocar, the duo of Perry McDonagh and Antony Harding, formed in the Midlands in the late 90s, coming out of that same inward-looking…
rw nw prt m hrw
New 12" from a personal favourite, and underrated, producer - Annechoic, whose ultra-moody broken tekno / electro 12"s on Audiofugitives circa 2012-13 are essential listening.  Bookended by two atmospheric ambient / downtempo pieces, the protein of the EP is a…
Gagarin KombinaattI
Double LP of previously unreleased recordings that bring to light Mika Vainio’s earliest musical endeavours…UNREAL. Truly blown away by this. It’s hard to believe these tracks haven’t received some post-production anabolics when Vainio compiled them from his own archive in…
Personal Wastelands
FOQL & Fischerle
Paralaxe Editions
Very sick tape of lawless, space-time-contorting broken tekno and polyalloy robo-ambiences from two estimable Polish mind-hackers...different flavours going on across six substantial trax, but at its best it sounds like T++ trying to smash his way out of Super Mario World (??)... Recommended…
The Bridge of Dreams (Japan Edition)
Faraway Press
**Japan edition, with obi.** Lush, poetical, high-romantic interfusings of mind and landscape courtesy of Ecka Mordecai (cello), Tom James Scott (piano) and Andrew Chalk (arrangements). Mordecai’s plangent strings bring a whole new energy and colour-palette to Chalk/Scott’s well-honed aesthetic, both reinforcing and…
Index Hole
Central Processing Unit
Murky, many-angled, insane-in-the-mainframe electro and unapologetically labyrinthine IDM trips produced by Tom Knapp...This came out last year but we've kept coming back to it and back to it and decided finally to get a proper stack in...the debt to Ae…