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Weith! Not Heith. But still dead good...moody electro bruise-cruisers in redoubtable brokntoys style: 'Menit' on a properly dank, end-of-days, drinkin-cider-from-the-skull-of-thine-enemy tip, 'Obsesie' a little more louche and funked-up.  Transparent 7" lathe-cut, edition of 50 copies only - one per customer…
What’sa frying!? Although NOT an ode to the artists adoration of the humble egg (his co-run, often egg-centric food blog is essential culinary reading), Container’s new long one is a frantic, pan-scraping, brain-whisking BRUISER of most wholesome depravity! Falls on…
Live In Bremen - 06.09.18
Born to pulverise! Static Shock comedown has had us reaching for that which would feel closest to the REAL THING, and oh boooooi does this 20 minute SHIT do the trick. A high point of the weekend itself, this tape…
Alexi Baris
Total Stasis
Micro solutions to mega problems! Dewy minimal electronics and shuffling, sleep-deprived laptop tone-poems with intricate detailing and more than a whiff of Studio Pankow, To Rococo Rot, for European airports, back when they were still open. At first its slippery almost-grooves feel too…
Laila Sakini
Total Stasis
Languid, contemplative, achingly melancholic studies for piano, FX and vaporous vocal textures, toggling between weak-at-the-knees tremulousness and a kind of straight-backed stiffness and severity that makes the whole thing feel ALIVE to us, and a world away from the ond-dimensional, platitudinous new-new-age…
Blue Suburban Skies
Even As We Speak
Optic Nerve
Bittasweet, iridescent Aussie jangle-pop from Sarah Records-anointed Even As We Speak...a faithful reissue of their super-rare '87 7" originally issued by Big Home Productions.  While this Sydney gruppe's greatest pop moment is unquestionably 'Falling Down The Stairs' (never released as a…
The Landlord
C.I.A. Débutante
Bare knuckle / black hole destruction unit that have seemingly half-demolished the claustrophobic chapel for deformed techno worship that Cabaret Voltaire built, leaving this now roofless, crumbling structure to echo and reverberate like the expansive, psychoactive noise-chamber productions of U.S.…
Decibels Mix Vol. 1
Place No Blame
Beast! Welcome return of Place No Blame and a KNOCKOUT tape from Glasgow's graed, collaging together performances he made using traditional hand-made ceramic percussive instruments from Cappadocia in Turkey, trumpet and voice into a tape-degraded darkside free jazz mind-fuck..dense, sulphurous…
Before The Age of Mirrors
Raspberry Bulbs
Barn-burning, bone-crushing return of Raspberry Bulbs and their Lovecraft-deranged, black-metal-tainted, scorched-punk-policy - this their first album since 2014's BEB outing Privacy. Recorded, like its predecessors, DIY and no-frills to 4-track, the songs are driven as ever by former Rorschach man Nick…
7-inch Round Black Thing
"?FOG began in Auckland, NZ in 1984 when Roger Allen of RIOT 111 met Lindsay McKay of THE LAUGHING CRIPPLES one night at the now demolished Aurora Tavern (they would later be known as Roger Fogorelli and Lindsay Fog). Inspired…