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Decibels Mix Vol. 1
Place No Blame
Beast! Welcome return of Place No Blame and a KNOCKOUT tape from Glasgow's graed, collaging together performances he made using traditional hand-made ceramic percussive instruments from Cappadocia in Turkey, trumpet and voice into a tape-degraded darkside free jazz mind-fuck..dense, sulphurous…
Gaia Tones #002
Gaia Tones
Gaia Tones
New brace of loose, lengthy, smoked-out free-techno sufferahs from the Gaia Tones camp. ‘Shackles’ is the one for us, a smudgy, delay-crazed, studio-real-cloudy dub-house front-crawl in finest Hallucinator or early Rhythm & Sound fashion, but with an unclenched, improvised feel that…
DJ Die Soon
Hench, fire-breathing promo 7" featuring an untold, disorderly, Container Vs Slimzos-style SPLACKER on the A-side, with hallucinatory, space-waster tekno debris set loose on the reverse. Comes in advance of the MONSTER Dj Die Soon LP that is soon to be…
Horizontal Phase
Horizontal Phase
Not on label
Sleek, techno-inflected, high-muscle-definition drum 'n bass DJ kuts...two-steps-from-the-darkest-side but keeping things buoyant and ravey and ruthlessly uptempo...eerie neurasthenic atmospherics harnessed with the lightest of touches as huuuuuge body-numbing subs run riot through acres of dub-space. So refreshing and ENERGISING to behold no-nonsense, not-capsized-by-concept stone-killers…
Before The Age of Mirrors
Raspberry Bulbs
Barn-burning, bone-crushing return of Raspberry Bulbs and their Lovecraft-deranged, black-metal-tainted, scorched-punk-policy - this their first album since 2014's BEB outing Privacy. Recorded, like its predecessors, DIY and no-frills to 4-track, the songs are driven as ever by former Rorschach man Nick…
7-inch Round Black Thing
"?FOG began in Auckland, NZ in 1984 when Roger Allen of RIOT 111 met Lindsay McKay of THE LAUGHING CRIPPLES one night at the now demolished Aurora Tavern (they would later be known as Roger Fogorelli and Lindsay Fog). Inspired…
Arriving, coincidentally, within days of the O'ERBRIMMING Birdcage 2LP on EM which compiles the best output of his cassette label Bird Friend, Koshiro ‘YPY’ Hino lands on the mighty Acido with four masterclasses in spry, spring-loaded but reassuringly smoked-out house…
Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives
Various Artists
Staggering 2LP comp of hard-to-find highlights from the 2013-17 catalogue of Birdfriend, the cassette label run by Koshiro Hino (goat, YPY), a varied and thrilling cornucopia of totally unknown (to us), gloriously unselfconscious mutant electronics, playful but hard-hitting avant-techno/dancehall rhythm…
The Last Song Of My Life
Tori Kudo
Fuck me, absolutely breathtaking LP... a fifty-minute instrumental voyage - somehow both epic and courageously understated - to the outer edges / intersection of DIY pop, free improvisation, modal jazz, art-rock minimalism and chamber music... can't think of ANY contemporary or…
Something Of What We've Lost
Renée van Trier
BAD WOMAN! It was the sleeve photo that drew us to this record in the first place…Mlle. van Trier coming over like a bratty bong-boshin cross between Carla Bley and, er, Alex Mack… The music within kinda lives up to its…