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SL 01
Baby Ford
Q: Does it get any better than this? A: Fuck no! 2020 re-press of the first release on PAL SL,  the label Baby Ford set up to what, go even darker and trippier and more coolly refined than what he…
Men Scryfa
Jesus Christ! No, literally: JESUS CHRIST. This extraordinary new tape from Thomas Bush’s private press offers two variations on Tarquino Merula’s baroque heart-stopper/spine-freezer ‘Hor ch’e tempo di dormire’, a setting for a poem in which the Virgin Mary watches her…
3 (re-press)
Not on label
Re-press in plain paper sleeve.  We could make a passionate argument for any one of the Civilistjävel! LPs to date being "the best", and mean it, so let's just say that this third volume of late '90s / early 2000s archival…
Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg
90% Wasser
Hamburg is the place for me!
 Deadly, precise, armour-piercing T-1000 gamelan and coarse, mechanical SOUND-WEBS that trap and display the purest in fine-filtered, modulating German pilsner with an illuminating air of madness - courtesy of Ditterich von Euler-Donnersberg, long-rumoured to…
Music For Desert Reboot
Not on label
Knockout! Thrillingly arid, exploratory rhythm trips on a way more austere, isolationist tip than anything we’ve heard from Trjj/Trii/Trj/Tri previously. Sounds like Liima re-scoring Dead Man or some shit! The music was made for a student film that was in…
Stress II
**FINALLY got physical copies of this bastard in stock** Yes, yes it is nigh on impossible to imagine returning to night clubs as the thought of webcam drinking sessions becomes an ALMOST-reality, but I do hope to gaaawwwdd the dance…
Various Artists
Low Company
Absolutely TYPICAL that our long-gestating Businesslunch! comp should materialise at a time when everyone’s business, and lunch, is under unforeseen threat… Savage titular irony aside, this all-you-can-eat international buffet / meat-raffle / disasterpiece - which actually came together late last…
In England Now, Underwater / The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People
Two albums about drowning for the price of one! Cremation Lily’s second and third LPs, The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People (2017) and In England Now, Underwater (2018), remastered and combined as a definitive 2CD release. It feels the…
Hard Drive Vinegar Vol. 1
Not on label
Timely masterclass in sub/urban voidcraft from LST: seven (?) lunatic zoaners and rusted bio-mech dreamweapons “made in isolation from 2009 to the present day”. S'a buzz, more than ever, to behold muzik so attuned to the provisional and pliable nature…
God Bless The Death Drive
Triple Negative
Penultimate Press
All aboard! The dark, dislocated return of you-know-who rattles with instinctive, subliminal voodoo ENCHANTMENT. Yes, if trance was the gradual appearing and reappearing of rhythms between the eloquent swells of fragile, drone-folk cascades and spiralling, distorted madness, like the emergence…