Durch Unser Zugedecktes Tal
Brannten Schnüre
**Pre-order only. Stock expected on/around December 19, 2019 but please be prepared for delays during what is a chaotic time for the postal services!** NEW BRANNTEN. Please note this is the second pressing of 250 numbered copies, in regular printed…
Snubblar genom drömmar
Skiftande Enheter
It’s been hard to keep up with the number of amazing records coming from Gothenburg in recent times… in point of fact, it’s been hard just  to keep up with the number of amazing records coming from ONE MAN in…
Campfire Acid Folk
Lend Me Your Underbelly
**Ships Friday!** Vrystaete has guided us to some holy places in the European underground in recent years - introducing us to the likes of Brannten Schnure, Blessum, Interbellum and Bebe Fang, coaxing career-best recordings from Brunnen - and their latest…
I Dischi Del Barone
**Pre-order only. Stock expected on/around December 13, 2019.**  After an evening earlier this week spent listening to my Dad tell me that the music I like sounds like a "shagged wasp", 'tis a festive blessing to have another dose of the ANGRY MOSQUITOES…
Tony Conrad
Primary Information
'I want art to stand strong, to display how it manipulates its audience. I want it to take up their expectations, their sense of the world, their predispositions toward the way they think or use their language, and then to…
All Hands Around The Moment
Richard Youngs & Raül Refree
Soft Abuse
Richard Youngs has chosen NOW to make the best album of his life???! The damned inconvenience! Yes, this is a gobsmackingly beautiful, searching, soul-nourishing free/chamber-folk epic from the Scotch starsailor (not the Scotch Starsailor arf!) which has me reaching for…
EDF001 (pre-release)
Die Eroberung der Finsternis
Die Eroberung der Finsternis
**Limited pre-release of 12" EP coming in early 2020. Hand-stamped white label, 10 copies.**  Ruff, uncompromising, heavily distressed dub-tekno/grime excursions from undercover agent(s) with links to the Hidden Hawaii / Nullpunkt sphere. Badboy tunes!      
Time On Earth
La Vida Es Un Mus
If there was one record we wished we'd released in the year of 2019 - it be this!! The debut LP of this New York squad is a CATACLYSMIC punk obituary that basks as readily in the causeways of the…
Ce Qui Est En Bas Est Comme Ce Qui Est En Haut; Et Ce Qui Est En Haut Est Comme Ce Qui Est En Bas.
If you caught Raymonde's tape for Paper Bags a few weeks ago, you won't need much convincing to check this 2LP set he put out on Vlek back in the summer. It’s a curious, totally singular alloy of free-roaming electro-acoustic abstraction,…
Various Artists
If you can't afford a lavishly decorated, antiques-cluttered mansion pad to recline in, nor a pipe-bowl full of something time-stretching and transporting to suck on, do not despair! Au-Delá will have you glimpsing the inner workings of the cosmos in the…