Machines Werk
Romantic Net
Sublimely poised astral melancholia / art-decade drone-poems of uncommon delicacy AND depth of feeling. A truly ravishing and redemptive listen. More information and grasping comparisons to follow, probably, but for now kinda think it speaks for itself - check the…
Horses Fucked Over The Head With Bricks
Barn Sour
Careful Catalog
Neeeeeighhhh!!!!!! “Two garbles of slapstick and melodrama” on this 7" from a Canadian sleeper cell with possible Korea Undok Group connections. Side 1: disconcerting female laughter, strung-out Terminator drones and contact-mic clatter, expertly (intuitively?) bricolaged, and gaining outrageous intensity in…
Heavy Space Anthology Vol. 2
Deep space skum!! Further spine scavenging amidst the fuselage of the Antipodean underground, this second collection of lost transmissions originally broadcast on the HEAVY SPACE imprint in micro-edition lathe cuts and cassettes. JUST ABOUT had our sea legs back after…
I've had it up to hear with fish & chips
Ben Ellul-Knight & Tom White
Calling Cards Publishing
One of the most shocking occurrences of late 2019 was when we let Sanjay go order fish and chips for the lot of us and he came back with fish and chips alright, but NO KETCHUP and NO VINEGAR, just…
Frusen Musik
Mattias Gustafsson
Careful Catalog
Cranky minimal electronics / basement zoning of the highest order, pungently atmospheric, skirting the edges of noise but pulling back to deliver something more spacious and textured and inviting...something you can live inside (if you have no need of daylight or fresh…
Genghis Cohn
Glasney Valley Rec.
Back in stock! One of our favourites of 2019. Last copies, each one has unique artwork.  Wandered in off the street this yin - 13 mins of monochrome-clad moon madness from a young Falmouth future bubbler. Clattering concrete and warbling…
Enka Mood Collection 5
Various Artists
Another soul-searing, sunglasses-at-night exploration of Japanese popular torch song / death-blues on this, the fifth instalment of An’archives exquisitely packaged Enka Mood 10” series. On Side A, across four tracks, the trio of Mineko Itakura, Shin’ichi Isohata and Michel Henritz double…
Die Mauer
Michael Ranta
Intensely absorbing, melon-trepanning disc of previously unreleased music from the Cologne-based American master-percussion and collaborator with the likes of Conny Plank, Toru Takemitsu and Harry Partch. Conceived in 1988-89 for a ballet choreographed by Philippe Tabard as an exploration of…
True Love Never Dies
Back in stock! Type ‘Ahoe-Ahoea’ into google and it just thinks you’re an illiterate trying to write “shoes shoes”.  Proof, if it were needed, that this supremely drug/art-damaged thug-punk unit have never been a household name. That’s what you get…
Raw Dub Creator
TNT Roots
Bokeh Versions
Barn burning steppurz to follow last years 7” of Gast remix destruction… Bokeh play whack-a-dub with the TNT Roots / Earthquake back catalogue and carve a selection of eleven armour plated siege weapons onto vinyl for the first time. SEISMIC…