Bortom E4's Horrisont
Karl Lindh
Low Company
Smudgy existential electronics / pristine minimal jazz with a furtive, fugitive feel…the sound of seeing out your retirement in some anodyne lakeside spa resort, nailing endless schnapps to ward off memories of that unspeakable (but accidental, you swear it!) crime you committed…
Deadbeat Freedom
Ignatz & De Stervende Honden
Ultra Eczema
Dizzying landscape guitarin’ in the baddest badlands - the weatherworn, hip-swingin’, nicotine rushin’ mood of Ignatz & De Stervende Honden's latest offering feels like a hedonistic western that ends with your chosen protagonist feeling lonelier than the oldest tumbleweed in…
The Trilogy Tapes
KILLER turbine-powered electronics and oxygen-starved intercom action set to burst ur pressure-sensitive carry-ons!
Invitation To A Dream
Susan Alcorn, Joe McPhee & Ken Vandermark
Astral Spirits / Monofonus Press
WARNING: Dangerously introspective midweek reverie - an invitation to a DWAM indeed. One of life’s famously annoying tropes, when someone you don’t know starts to relay the details of their dreams to you, but what we will disclose is that…
Generic Targz
Soda Gong
THE ICEMAN COMETH! One of the best LPs of the year for me, effortlessly and exhilaratingly mixing classic drrrrreamy AI tropes with contemporary, chrome-plated club flash and unbelievably spacious, hard-hitting, smoked-out soundsystem dynamics. Sumptuously psychedelic and aggy/disruptive in perfect proportion. What am I…
We All Have An Impact
Boreal Massif
Pessimist Productions
Proper stunning 12-track LP of ruffneck, downtempo breakbeats, ultra-sparse electro and gorgeously melancholic, after-the-flood ambience from Pessimist and Loop Faction. Much like the Pess & Karim Maas album from earlier this year, We All Have An Impact is an Isolationist's…
Short Wave: Anomalous Recordings (1991)
Alan Sondheim
Cor Ardens
Lord what torment it has been to get these ducks across the pond! After our previous Cor Ardens care package arrived as an EMPTY BOX we thought our chances slim of ever obtaining this recent run of hard-hitting, humble tape-trapped…
The Sun Is A Radioactive Wasp Egg
Pony Moon
Cor Ardens
Droning, clattering mayhem from new found curfew-scorning, improv forrest wanderers - PONY MOON! Jenny Tucker and Matthew Pony Bones send a gallant search party of rusting, suffocated saxophone and distant vocal chanters to skulk around and carve passage through a hissing wilderness…
The Clearing
A Produce
All Night Flight
Hark! A Produce’s disgustingly rare and sought-after, ultra-brooding minimal pop epic The Clearing available on vinyl for the first time since its original release in '88. A Produce was the late Barry Craig, who formed the Trance Port and Trance Port…
Echoes Of Time
Good Morning Tapes
  How the dead live! Astral melancholia-merchant XVARR reports back from the afterlife / suburban South London with a mini-LP of quietly awe-inspiring driftscapes for Good Morning Tapes (following the ace Serpent Power), sonically seeming to us to pick up where the ice-age…