Jane Arden & Jack Bond
Low Company
This is a pre-order item only, due to ship in December 2020. More information to follow.  Pre-order | LOW11 | Edition of 250 | Mastered by Matt Colton | Artwork by Thomas Bush | Release date: December 2020 | Wholesale enquiries:…
Since 2018, three archival, private-press volumes of previously-unheard music from subterranean Swedish project Civilistjävel! have been released. Drawn from an extensive cache of material recorded in the late '90s and early 2000s using mostly Juno60 and KorgMS20, and startling in its accomplishment…
This is a pre-order item only, expected to ship on or before October 30, 2020. Nkisi presents INITIATION, a new series exploring the hidden phantasmagorical properties of rhythm... a secret drum language only understood by the initiated. Available on 12" and…
Body Horror
"Societal deterioration vibes."  Hands-down my favourite release of 2020. A charred black box recorder prised from the wreck of the present-day, taking all the overstimulation and unprocessed anxiety of a life lived with fifty browser tabs open and alchemising it…
I Can I Can't
I Can I Can't
Low Company
Fire in the hold!!!!!!!!!!! LP/action-painting documenting the entire musical output/psychosis/self-immolation of short-lived North London destruction-unit I Can I Can’t, all previously unreleased. Side One consists of six barking, bucking audiac anxiety attacks recorded to dictaphone in 2009, in a warehouse up…