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Something Of What We've Lost
Renée van Trier
BAD WOMAN! It was the sleeve photo that drew us to this record in the first place…Mlle. van Trier coming over like a bratty bong-boshin cross between Carla Bley and, er, Alex Mack… The music within kinda lives up to its…
Various Artists
Low Company
Absolutely TYPICAL that our long-gestating Businesslunch! comp should materialise at a time when everyone’s business, and lunch, is under unforeseen threat… Savage titular irony aside, this all-you-can-eat international buffet / meat-raffle / disasterpiece - which actually came together late last…
Лічи до ста • Симфонія №1
Олександр Юрченко
Delta Shock
Oh miiiigud, enters your brain like a corkscrew, this one.A previously unreleased masterstroke of slow, spiralling, folkwise-erosion from Alexander Yurchencko, recorded in Kyiv in ’94, the twenty five-minute epique (that according to ol’ google, translates to “count to a hundred”)…
Spole Mump
Genghis Cohn
7" with postcard. Edition of 30. Heads!! A low-flying Genghis Cohn dischargin seven inches of psychic seagull-shit on an unsuspecting ANA... and us. Listening to this for the first time a short while ago its noisy impudent scum-concrète did my…
The Doozer
Low Company
From gardens where we feel insecure! In Figurines, across a dozen elegiac, sighing song-dreams of innocence and experience, The Doozer conjures a mental allotment whose very seclusion and orderliness acts as some kinda portal to the infinite…  The Doozer -…
Men Scryfa
Jesus Christ! No, literally: JESUS CHRIST. This extraordinary new tape from Thomas Bush’s private press offers two variations on Tarquino Merula’s baroque heart-stopper/spine-freezer ‘Hor ch’e tempo di dormire’, a setting for a poem in which the Virgin Mary watches her…
Jabu + Daniela Dyson
Jabu + Daniela Dyson
Do you have peace?
Bristol’s preeminent haunted soul cru Jabu congregate for a truly spellbinding hour-long mixtape of original songs and mood-pieces, anchored as always by the heavy, heady production of Amos Childs, which effortlessly combines hypnagogic drone-logic, heart-rending melodic motifs and ultra-scuffed, ultra-minimal beats with…
The Spiral
Förlag För Fri Musik
Mind-spirallin’ cinematics to coincide with Tina Damgaard’s installation, now righteously finding a homely vinyl pressing on  Forlag For Fri Musik, after blowing us away in mid-2019 when a not-so-metaphorical handful of tapes were procured from a Monokultur show in Gothenburg. A…
Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox
Loopsel is Elin Engström, who plays and records as one half of Monokultur as well as having a hand in Skiftande Enter and, less recently, Lichtenstein. Coinciding with a small vinyl edition of her instillation piece, “The Spiral”, is this…
Initiation Into The Mystery Of Evil
Akashic Records
FLOORED by these tragic, graceful, gargoyle-folk fragments and passages of psychic keyboard bewitchment, which come off like Miaux playing on the bonny banks of the river Styx. The devil take it! Sorrowful chords from scorched, fragile synthesisers fall in an…