Jazz, soul, actual music

Volume 1: Inhale
Erwan Keravec and Mats Gustafsson.  ”The debut record of LUFT – is a two volume album of exceptional explorations within the bagpipe and reed universe —— unknown music of poetic beauty and high energy cascades. Fast moving changes in texture…
Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy
Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko
Night School / Skire
**Ships Friday!** WOW. Perfectly poised, enduringly mysterious deep-space folk/art-song from singular Ukrainian artist Svitlana Nianio - seriously, when all's said and done, can you even imagine music more beautiful than this?!  It's the first vinyl edition of 1996's Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy, a suite…
Mr Robinson
Dharma Quintet
Film Recordings
Strung-out, droning, dandyish minimal techno/pop, an ultra-beguiling mix of the lush and the lonesome, the ultra-alienated and the uplifting, from SUED lynchpin SVN and Takashi Wada under their TASE guise…. Can’t overstate how much we’ve been loving this album… imagine…
Singende Drähte
Deux Baleines Blanches
Bureau B
Elegant, painterly electro-acoustic / avant-pop daydreams from Stefan Schneider's pre-To Rococo Rot, pre-Kreidler project, previously only available on a near-mythical cassette micro-edition...impossible not to be moved by this stuff, with its plangent guitar drizzle, beautiful understated proto-technoid rhythms, and eerie minimal…
Will Guthrie
Black Truffle
Incredible, otherworldly percussion trips - fans of Michael Ranta take note. More information to follow.  "Nantes-based Australian drummer and percussionist Will Guthrie returns to Black Truffle with Nist-Nah. Like his previous solo record on the label, the abrasive hip-hop concrète…
Sideral Escape
Healing Force Project
amenthia recordings
An unrelentingly original, criminally underrated producer comes forth with a slowly-rotating BRAIN TEASER of an LP, housed in THAT completely mesmerising, butternut squash-violating sleeve. Six tracks that bow and swell as one gravitational force, with some tracks fronted by high…
Ei, Wir Tun Dir Nicths Zuleide!
Brannten Schnüre
I Dischi Del Barone
**Pre-order only, stock expected on/around Feb 21, 2020** "A 6-track EP from the German experimental dark folk duo Brannten Schnüre. A shimmering, pastoral collage of acoustic instrumentation, electronics, field recordings and haunting, austere vocals, the songs on 'Ei, Wir Tun…