In for life

ulf / fdm
Floating Di Morel
Play Loud! Productions
Germany's foremost practitioners of laconic, sickly drone-punk minimalism Kai Drewitz and Sabine Blödorn return with what will surely be seen as their late (mid?) period masterpiece. It's a collaboration with Jeff 'Ulf' Barrows, whose presence perhaps accounts for this being the…
Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty
Christ, it’s taken nearly 30 years - but the first round of Felt LP reissues is here. Hope it goes without saying that all five of these lavishly/ludicrously titled albums - Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty (1982), The Strange Idols Pattern…
Ross 154
Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART)
Re-press!  "ART present another landmark classic in Electronic Music history. Originally released on Stefan Robbers’ Eevo-Lute label in 1993, Ross 154 aka Jochem Peteri - now best known for his productions as Newworldaquarium - released four tracks of deep, dark, mysterious hybrid techno  interspersed with…
Foxbase Alpha
Saint Etienne
25th Anniversary (2016) reissue of this FLAWLESS MASTERPIECE.  Foxbase Alpha (1991) surely needs no introduction?! Quite simply one of the most brilliant and blissiest debut LPs of all time, every track a hazy, just-got-out-of-bed banger: the pure poptimism of ‘Nothing…
The Painted Word (Special Edition)
Television Personalities
Special RSD 2017 edition (black & white marbled vinyl) of TVP's (shadow) magnum opus. Famously described by Melody Maker as "one of the most wanton and wilful cases of self-immolation you're ever likely to hear", and immediately preceding the band's…
The Saturnian System / The Sequel
Long-awaited reissue for one of the best tracks of the century so far, +3, this EP brings together four cuts in total from two different and sought-after EPs: 2006’s The Saturiun System (which has been re-titled – corrected to? –…
Space Museum
Solid Space
Dark Entries
While Dark Entries' relentless mission to reissue absolutely everything ever released can get a little fatiguing, sometimes you really have to take your hat off: gorbless'em for making this obscenely rare and totally mind-blowing DIY oneaway from London duo Solid…
Holly Golightly
Damaged Goods Records
Eligible Bachelors
The Monochrome Set
Optic Nerve
Crazy Rhythms
The Feelies
Domino / Bar/None
2009 Domino reissue of this FLAWLESS MASTERPIECE. 180g vinyl.