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"The" 1978-1983
Chen Yi
90% Wasser
FUCK this one really left a dent in me dome when I first heard it, in fact that dent is still there, so aye, mechanically speaking, it was a total write-off the first time I heard The Chen Yi.  Admittedly,…
Your Own Self
Garrett List
Black Sweat Records
Prime minimalist jazz contemplation for yer lugs, Your Own Self, arguably the most transcendent entry in the mighty Opus One catalogue, from Garrett List, the American composer and trombonist, whose body of work, although not vast particularly vast, would see…
Sporten Är Död
Sporten Är Död
Fördämning Arkiv
The maiden fishing trip of I Dischi Del Barone’s new reissue imprint Fordamning Arkiv lands a white whale of the Gothenburg punk underground: all-girl flexi-pop bullet train Sporten Är Död. Their 1981 studio-cut demo cassette, originally issued in a run of…
Coming Together
Frederic Rzweski
Black Sweat Records
'Coming Together' - a powerful, escalating time-bomb-composition that frames the writings of Sam Melville, a political prisoner who was killed by state troopers in the Attica State prison uprising in 1971, where inmates took control of the prison, as well…
Inna Babalon
John T. Gast
Back in stock... last copies!  Double-vinyl pressing of John T. Gast’s Inna Babalon courtesy Italy’s Haunter Records. Originally released as a tape on his own 5 Gate Temple in early 2016, and subsequently made available digitally, its victory lap on non…
Hidden Hawaii
One of 2018's best finally back in. Dunno who this Martsman guy is but this 2LP sounds like he jumped right in the studio following a run in with an electric fence whilst attempting to free both DnB and tekno…
Wino D
Wino D
Wah Wah Wino
Re-press back in stock! Last chance. One per customer please. "First they did their A, B, C now out the hole plops Wino D..." Tripp-drippin' rhythm trax from the House of Wino.    
Various Artists
Mélodies Souterraines
"In shadows of labels like GPR, New Electronica (Italia), Irdial Discs... find 'old' and less known artists like Derek Carr, Carl Finlow, Simon Crab... United in a 2x12" compilation ltd to 200 copies..." - Melodie Souterraines    
Boli Group ‎
Posh Isolation
Exemplary, highly-strung, minimal chamber music that avoids the middlebrow trappings of the dreaded NEO-CLASSICAL while not making a stranger of melody or even the odd well-judged moments of Penguin Café-ish whimsy (sort of). But also, this is on PI, and…
The Doozer
Feeding Tube
What a treat this is... new album on Feeding Tube from The Doozer, the anonymous-ish, Edinburgh-based, Cambridge-reared purveyor of sumptuous and grown-up psychedelic pop who has possibly suffered more lazy comparisons to Syd Barrett than anyone else in recent history.…