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Kallista Kult
Kallista Kult
A Colourful Storm
Back in stock! Last copies! Entropic, dub-demolished techno-pop / post-human blooz pushed waaaay further into all-out abyssal abstraction than any sane singer or soundboy would dare - gulp! The closest thing we can compare this out-of-nowhere-ish mini-LP to is F…
Tabi Tapes 001
Tabi Tapes
Mesmerising, cavernous collage of avant-garde and unique, experimental musics. Knock-out mixtape!
Surf Hair
Surf Hair
Independent Woman
The debut of SURF HAIR - an unknown unit peddling some distortion wrestling mischief - no brainer if ya get a kick out the Hanson stuff or that Lady Die one also on IWR.
Still Strange
Gloomy kosmische UFO! "‘Still Strange’ reaches back into the prized loft tapes of Jeff Sharp aka Orior following the revelatory discovery of his overlooked early ‘80s gems on 2016’s ‘Strange Dream’ collection, as coaxed out by DDS dons Miles Whittaker…
Independent Woman
Limited re-run of the 1981 cassette by Maurizio Bianchi, the same year he coughed up "Symphony For Genocide". Comes with riso-print inlay.
No Order In Destiny
Various Artists
Kashual Plastik
**LTD REPRESS IN LESS FIDDLY, CARD SLEEVE** World building compilation of boundless, sinister post-industrial and blissfully sedated, synth muzak from Kashual Plastik, presented in an intricate, rope-bound and hand-crafted wooden cover with several earthy screen-prints across the two panel gatefold…
Bortom E4's Horrisont
Karl Lindh
Low Company
Smudgy existential electronics / pristine minimal jazz with a furtive, fugitive feel…the sound of seeing out your retirement in some anodyne lakeside spa resort, nailing endless schnapps to ward off memories of that unspeakable (but accidental, you swear it!) crime you committed…
Women's Work
Various Artists
Primary Information
Finally back!  Originally published in the mid-1970s, Womens Work was a magazine that sought to highlight the overlooked work of female artists working at the cusp of the visual arts, music, and performance. The magazine was edited by Alison Knowles…
Uguisudani Apocalypse
The Gerogerigegege
The Trilogy Tapes
**REPRESS WITH SPICY ALTERNATE ARTWORK**Siq city-spun sleaze and late-night rascality to soundtrack the bars and back alleys of the Yamanote district of Tokyo, twelve cuts rescued from ye olde tape archives of heavyweight earsplitter and explorer of culture / sound /…
Various Artists
Pudel Produkte
YUSS! 12" + 7" w/ tracks from Ken Montgomery, Wolfgang Seidel, Asmus Tietchens, Tintin Patrone, Felix Kubin, Esmark, Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny, Carl und Sohn, Jessica Broscheit & Mark Boombastik, RVDS, Crystal Penalosa, Phuong-Dan, Conrad Schnitzler and Asmus Tietchens. More info…