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Initiation Into The Mystery Of Evil
Akashic Records
FLOORED by these tragic, graceful, gargoyle-folk fragments and passages of psychic keyboard bewitchment, which come off like Miaux playing on the bonny banks of the river Styx. The devil take it! Sorrowful chords from scorched, fragile synthesisers fall in an…
Sea Level
DJ Crud
I was a teenage rap fiend (fancy!) but E and self-importance knocked me off course and I’m sorry to report I know absolutely shit-all about the last 20-odd years of the world’s most popular music form. Oops! Still, This deep…
No Worries If Not
James Marrs
Laura Lies In
IT'S...JAMES MARRS New 8-track release from Laura Lies In bozz James Marrs is a sick one. Love ‘Caving’ , a monolithic slab of bass-heavy, decelerated, dustbin-lid-driven tekno / EBM, whose brute-minimalism – rendered uncanny with queasy violin drones and pocked and studded with Marrs' signature…
The Dark Side Project Of The Moon
The Company Ltd.
a terrible misunderstanding
"Please let me touch Britney's pussy / I'm 10 years old / I die on Thursday." Singular remorseless North London DIY audio-nasty recorded piecemeal in 2001-2007, self-released as a CD a few years later, and now manifesting in the format it…
Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox
Loopsel is Elin Engström, who plays and records as one half of Monokultur as well as having a hand in Skiftande Enter and, less recently, Lichtenstein. Coinciding with a small vinyl edition of her instillation piece, “The Spiral”, is this…
The Spiral
Förlag För Fri Musik
Mind-spirallin’ cinematics to coincide with Tina Damgaard’s installation, now righteously finding a homely vinyl pressing on  Forlag For Fri Musik, after blowing us away in mid-2019 when a not-so-metaphorical handful of tapes were procured from a Monokultur show in Gothenburg. A…
Unveiled / Shadows
Twin Womb
Stirring self-released 7" from XVARR, made up of two vocal tracks ('Unveiled' and 'Shadows'), recorded in 2012, and two instrumentals 'Empurpled Sperm' and 'A Reverie'. Seems mad to think about it now, but there was a time, not even all…
It Was The Start Of Another Strange Week
Ashtray Navigations
Memoirs Of An Aesthete
INDEED it was. Hot hot hot UK summer days fall in line with the latest CD-r boiler from kosmiche SHAMAN-come-beach-bum Phil Todd, as he continues his arcane convergence of surging psychedelic electronics and ratchet tight, ear-popping IDM flutters. Equipped not…
LP (pre-release)
Not on label
**Limited pre-release of LP coming in Summer 2020.** Vinyl incarnation of the micro-edition cassette from last year. Recommended for fans of Gossiwor, MAAT, Werkbund, LST++. More information to follow.  Hand-stamped test pressing, 15 copies only.   
Generalstrejk (pre-release)
Not on label
**Limited pre-release of long-playing 12" coming in Summer 2020.** 12" of new material from Civilistjävel!, the the 20-minute title track derived from live performances in 2019 and occupying all of Side A here. B/w two tracks more closely aligned with…