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De Angst Voorbij
Fred A.
"Fred A. was a two-faced act. His musical grasp to the new wave-movement was countered by his lyrical love for Flemish and Dutch ‘kleinkunst’, and his progressiveness as a composer was in stark contrast with his restraint as a performer.…
Whities 025
Pre-order only, ships Friday 28/02/20.
This Is Not A Dream
Very necessary collection of the complete recorded output of Dadamah, the highly combustible and ultimately short-lived Dunedin drone-rock dervish comprised of Janine Stagg, Roy Montgomery, Kim Pieters (Rain, Cobweb Iris, Flies Inside The Sun) and Peter Stapleton (Scorched Earth Policy, Pin…
Mope Grooves
See My Friends
"IN THE RAT PLACE AT THE RAT TIME".  Latest, predictably amazing LP from Portland's superior post-punks Mope Grooves. More info and clips to follow. 
Personal Wastelands
FOQL & Fischerle
Paralaxe Editions
Very sick tape of lawless, space-time-contorting broken tekno and polyalloy robo-ambiences from two estimable Polish mind-hackers...different flavours going on across six substantial trax, but at its best it sounds like T++ trying to smash his way out of Super Mario World (??)... Recommended…
Index Hole
Central Processing Unit
Murky, many-angled, insane-in-the-mainframe electro and unapologetically labyrinthine IDM trips produced by Tom Knapp...This came out last year but we've kept coming back to it and back to it and decided finally to get a proper stack in...the debt to Ae…
DJ Die Soon
Fire>>>> More info to follow. 
Urban Fossickated Octave
Million Brazilians
Feeding Tube
Stormbringer! More info to follow. Edition of 250. "Beautiful new LP (the seventh, I believe), from this wonderfully abstract outfit, who were birthed in the shadow of Smegma (Portland, OR), but have since relocated to Maine. The foundational members of the…
Enamorados Del Control Total
La Vida Es Un Mus
Some motherfucker has nicked our last 7” adapter, so these cloaked hombres, known as ALGARA, are kicking out four tracks of all-together more wavy but totally BLINDING, razor-sharp, Crisis-style revolt español this arvo! Hope to get good and proper lyrical…
Blue Suburban Skies
Even As We Speak
Optic Nerve
Bittasweet, iridescent Aussie jangle-pop from Sarah Records-anointed Even As We Speak...a faithful reissue of their super-rare '87 7" originally issued by Big Home Productions.  While this Sydney gruppe's greatest pop moment is unquestionably 'Falling Down The Stairs' (never released as a…