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Writing this locked in the hotel bathroom pretending to be constipated (holidays are sacred, apparently) so will keep the preamble BRIEF.... best of this week's new stuff listed below as usual! 

Hope you're well,



ACIDO | LP | £13.99

Wacked-out electronics / worries in the dance from Acido's extended family, names like PG Sounds, Dynamo Dreesen and Porn Sword Tobacco brushing up against a few new or lesser-spotted projects/aliases. T.V.A. offers up two rhythm tracks that mercilessly strip cosmic/coca-disco down to its droning, trippiest essence - like Black Devil or Metro Area trapped in some kind of locked-groove, drumapella mode (and good!) - while "unknown artist" (ooh mysterious!) 'Chance Encounter' offers a nice of bit of giddy-up DIY/improv that sounds like Keith Rowe transplanted to an early '90s Xpressway side. With its rompy saw-tooth synths Roadworker's briefly threatens to usher in the second coming of French Touch, before seeing sense and setting into a typically scrappy (and wonderful) Neues Deutschland piano-house groove. Dynamo Dreesen and PST throw themselves headfirst into a 'Wormhole' of ambient-minded concrete, PG kills it with an exemplary lo-fi acid outing, and Telephones brings things to a classy (also faintly post-coital but that sounds creepy eh) conclusion with the shimmering Balearish blooz of 'Pok-A-Tok (Sundown Mix)'. Their house is most definitely not your house... and like the two previous entries in the series, this comp's playful, provisional vibe goes hand in hand with genuine depth and derring-do. Highly recommended! 



ESK | LP | £17.99

Kenny: WOW. Hard to imagine a more fitting record to arrive in the shop amidst the thunder and lighting storm currently battering the streets of greater London. Relief Tours by Scott Douglas Gordon is a set of eight compositions for adapted piano and electric guitar, alongside numerous other bric-a-brac, both acoustic and electronic. Some ethereal moments throughout, however most of these pieces lean towards the DREAD end on our shallow scale of emotions and although most of these compositions are relatively short for this style (half clocking in around the six minute mark) they still achieve a meditative quality that initially recall the work of Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe as well as the tonality of the Taj Mahal Travellers, the U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble or something that could have came out on Ultra Eczema. A serious record for serious times. 



.AVA | 2LP | £21.99

Wahey! Move D's CLASSIC 1994 album Kunststoff (hasn't got any easier to spell in 24 years) back in print on 2LP courtesy of the German ..ava label, well over a decade since City Centre Offices' first, reputation-sealing reissue. Across twelve tracks (and nae duds) your man yolks together loungey deep house, electro and downbeat into a seamless and compelling narrative, but with a loose, semi-improvised feel that screams (ironically given its title) "HUMANITY!" Impossible to pick faves, but go on then, 'Sandmann''s pared-down jack-attack sounds more than ever like the best bits of Yuzo Koshiro's Streets of Rage soundtrack (!) and opener 'Eastman' feels as familiar and bittersweet as the waft of an ex-lover's scent (D&G Light Blue since you ask!). Like the natty mid-century chair on the cover, 'tis a period piece, but a timelessly stylish and VERY COMFORTABLE one. Take a load off! 


HAUNTER | 12" | £12.99

[Jumped the gun when we stuck in this in the n'letter a few weeks back; finally it's in stock, and what a great record it is, you NEED a copy, so flagging it up again...] Following on from their 2LP edition of John T. Gast's Inna Babalon, Italy's Haunter Records continue to get serious with a heavy mini-LP of aggro-techno/grime phuturistix from ZULI, the Egyptian producer best known for his outings on Lee Gamble's UIQ (although the eagle-eyed will have spotted his tasty 'astrogangsta' mix of Petit Singe a couple of Haunters ago). 

Yeah this stuff is noisy and frequently enervating and sometimes impatient (see the knowingly titled 'Your Tracks Are Too Short')  - like so much contemporary "club" music, less the soundtrack to dancefloor bliss-out than to a collective crisis of identity and (urban) ecology - but perhaps thanks to his background as a beatmaker for the Cairo rap scene, ZULI knows when to pull back and let a rhythm, or a plume of ambience, ride out. Highlights come in the form of the title track's blown-out, decelerated jungle-techno - kicking and spitting like the hydra-headed, radiation-poisoned progeny of Christoph de Babalon's IYIIIOOI - and the demented, minimalist drum workout 'Your Tracks...', which sounds like Azzazzin-era Muslimgauze dragged through MESH's flash-drive backwards. In a GOOD way. 



12TH ISLE | LP | £14.99

Re-press here at looooooong last! What we said first time round: A year on from their opening salvo, 12th Isle deliver an LP of warped amphibian techno-delia and tranqu'd-out hip-hop from Glasgow's Cru Servers. Sounds at times like a less annoying Wagon Christ, or maybe the un-asked for second coming of aqua-crunk. Is excellent because, not in spite, of this. Already sold out at source, these won't last long. The original review of this was longer and better but Kenny accidentally deleted it. 

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