Thieving Dogs!
Thieving Dogs!
Low Company
Ta-da! Having failed to get as much as a flyer printed to promote our birthday all day-er this Sunday, we HAVE thrown together, with love and lightning speed, a 13-track CD-R compilation of original / unreleased material from some of our favourite artists to mark the occasion. Unimaginably high standards given the complete lack of notice - we once again fall back on the talents of this lot - Bobby Would, Ceramic Hobs, JJ Ulius, Vom Grill (Dennis Tyfus), Heith, Civilistjävel!, Cucina Povera, Thomas Bush, XVARR, Bridget Hayden, Malvern Brume, Blod and Itchy Bugger. Big thank you to Tomas Boden too for intrepid last-minute mastering. We've only run off 100 of these things, summarily stamped and dunked in thumb-cut card sleeves with artwork shonkily drawn, copied, cut and glued in-shoppe as we speak. They'll be available at the show, but we've made a handful available for online customers who can't make it to the N4 riviera. See yez there!      
Sunday 26th May, 2019 at New River Studios
Low Company 2nd Birthday
Admission x 1 for Low Company's birthday bruise cruise, Bank Holiday Sunday 26th May at New River Studios, London N4 ///// LIVE: Lolina, Bobby Would, Thomas Bush, Bridget Hayden,…
Tanz Und Andacht
Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien
A veil of secrecy shrouds the late, almost certainly fictional Hamburg composer Mechtchild Von Leusch (1923-1989), and the Werkbund organisation that supposedly exists to interpret and extend his repertoire, though…
Create Disturbance In Your Mind
Midnight Mines
Independent Woman
"Midnight Mines started between 7 and 10 years ago. Neither of the core duo of Sorrow & Saturday can remember now. Both endure busy lives in the tunnel…
Killer Bees
Not On Label
Welcome exhumation of unheard, sizzlin' 1980 6-track'er from Cleveland. Uncompromising art-punk spew and righteous clatter, a depressive and WRITHING tour de farce recorded in some dank basement at a…
Dosis 6
Didaktische Einheit
ZZK Tapes
Replica version of the pulsing, minimal synth and Suicide styled, glass smashing live action featured on one of the seven self-released tapes by Didaktische Einheit in 1982. Manic, dilapidated…
Precious Waste In Our Wake
Triple Negative
Penultimate Press
Completely in love with this record! An explosive siege of ideas, "Precious Waste In Our Wake" is the debut LP from London based three-piece Triple Negative. Ringing like…
Positive Disintegration
Blackest Ever Black
Long-time-coming (four years!) second album from Diat, and, we're told, the penultimate ever release from BEB. The demand for this puppy (Iron Lung, who did the US release,…
The Battle Of Bosworth Terrace
The Spies
All-time favourite, back in. "The Spies bear the unique distinction of one of New Zealand’s true missing pieces in the Underground puzzle. With no audio documentation ever seeing…
The Body's Night
James Rushford
Black Truffle
Outstanding LA noir from James Rushford, who had a hand in two enduring Kye belters: Manhunter (his 2013 collab with old mucker Joe Talia) and the Food Court…
Tiny Crabs Of Deep Waters
Hardijs Ledins
Musiques Electroniques Actuelles
Pellucid, time-is-away dream-musick on this 1999 solo effort from NSRD founder, Hardijs Lediņš - a quietly radical digital update of established folk-jazz-ambient tropes, very special indeed. 180g vinyl plus booklet. …
No Title
Sähkö Recordings
Back in stock! Unless you're in a bad way with some heavy-handed debt collectors that favour the concrete-socks treatment, this LP is WITHOUT DOUBT the coldest, deepest bath…
Live In Geneva
Self Released
Bold, broken and as TOXIC as a gulp from the Thames - nearly fifty minutes of live damage from Lolina and a welcome re-dose of her themes for…
The Secret Dub Life of The Flying Lizards
The Flying Lizards
Finally back in print: Staubgold's vinyl edish of David Cunningham's peerless The Secret Dub Life of The Flying Lizards. The source tapes for this LP were recorded in…
Lied Für Fritz
Static Age
Beltorrr '82 West German rough n tumble, originally released on the cult Pogar label. Five track'er of raging, youthful spirited distort with the two longer tracks opening up…
As You Were
Pete Um
Tip Top
New album from sectionable Cambridge pop-surrealist Pete Um, a world unto himself but also a standard-bearer for the kind of heroic DIY befuddlement and unflinching self-analysis that Deep Freeze…
The Funnel
Wojciech Rusin
Akashic Records
Passport to an OBSCENELY DYNAMIC, contemplative dimension - “The Funnel” is a set of ancient imaginations in a stranglehold of electronics and steel factory atmosfears, originally composed for…
Bobby Would
Low Company
"IT’S HAPPENING TO YOU, AGAIN…" Lovelorn, tranq’d-out, majestically understated rok y roll lullabies and dub-pocked, acid-damaged, pain’-it-dark drone-punk from Robert P. of Heavy Metal and Muscle Barbie++, coming…
Unit Moebius
Bio Rhythm
Snarling tekno-relik from ye olde Dutch oven - “T-Warp” was originally released as part of Blue Attack 3 on the short lived, shared imprint of Spiral Tribe and…
Jean Genet Quatre heures à Chatila
Pharoah Chromium
Not On Label
7", edition of 200, not on label. Sinewy soundcapes with spoken vocals - disturbing if you parlez français - by Ellie Madeiros, onetime new wave icon, and partner…
Come, Angel
Ihor Tsymbrovsky
Offen Music
Finally re-pressed! Three songs taken from Прийди Янголе (Come Angel), a cassette album released on Koka Records in 1996. Breathtaking, otherwordly, emotionally raw minimalism from what we're beginning…
The Garden of Perpetual Dreams
A Colourful Storm
Pre-order only, stock expected on/around June 1st, 2019.  "The Garden of Perpetual Dreams is an album by fabled Dutch musician Freek Kinkelaar. Tracing his roots to a small Dutch…
Tape Transport: 1994-2000 (Second Edition)
**Pre-order only, stock expected in late June, 2019.** WHOA. Did not see this coming. Staggeringly well-presented double-cassette compilation of unreleased tracks from the archives of one of our…
Förlag För Fri Musik
Pre-order only, stock expected on/around May 24th, 2019. Edition of 150 copies.  "Förlag För Fri Musik is proud to present the debut album from Monokultur, a duo consisting…
Oroskällans musikaliska resa i tro, missmod och fantasi
Pre-order only, stock expected on/around May 24th, 2019. "Oroskällan is a new musical project from Gustaf Dicksson (Blod, Enhet För Fri Musik) and Dan Johansson (Sewer Election, Neutral,…
Cortex A9: Basic Housekeeping order
Förlag För Fri Musik
Pre-order only, stock expected on/around May 24th, 2019. "'Cortex A9: Basic Housekeeping order' is a new noise/electronics-project By Dan Johansson (Neutral, EFFM, Sewer Election etc), Frederikke Hoffmeier (Puce…
RAP (Thomas Bush & Guy Gormley)
Jolly Discs
Vinyl edition, housed in full picture sleeve. Pre-order only, stock expected in mid-June 2019.  Free, fresh, rowdy-cum-wistful rave/blooz mutations from Thomas Bush and Guy Gormley (Special Occasion, Enchante),…