Time On Earth
La Vida Es Un Mus
If there was one record we wished we'd released in the year of 2019 - it be this!! The debut LP of this New York squad is a…
Various Artists
If you can't afford a lavishly decorated, antiques-cluttered mansion pad to recline in, nor a pipe-bowl full of something time-stretching and transporting to suck on, do not despair! Au-Delá…
Other Music
Dolly Mixture
Sealed Records
Appearing alongside a reissue of Dolly Mixture's sole album, The Demonstration Tapes, is this blinding heaven-sent compilation of unreleased songs, cover versions, demos and alternate takes - all making…
Vampir, Cuadecuc
Carles Santos
The first ever release of Carles Santos’ soundtrack to lifetime collaborator, Pere Portabella’s film - “Vampir, Cuadecuc” - a film that captures an almost entirely mute, behind the…
Ce Qui Est En Bas Est Comme Ce Qui Est En Haut; Et Ce Qui Est En Haut Est Comme Ce Qui Est En Bas.
If you caught Raymonde's tape for Paper Bags a few weeks ago, you won't need much convincing to check this 2LP set he put out on Vlek back…
Live at Cafe Oto
Accident du Travail
Back in! Elegant, engrossing but perfectly detached and never overweening music-of-suggestion from the WUNNERFUL Accident du Travail. Feels like everything this pair release is destined to be regarded a…
July 15, 1972
Taj Mahal Travellers
You must change your life!!! Again!! No secrets that the Taj Mahal Travellers are held at the summit of our adoration here at LC and that this reissue,…
Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig
Enhet För Fri Musik
Finally! Courtesy of the Grapefruit label in the US, a pricey but NECESSARY new edition of EFFM’s brilliantly fucked-up 2018 album ‘Set Finns…’, originally released on Omlott in an…
Morning & Evening Ragas Volume 1
BUT WHAT ABOUT THE AFTERNOONS?????? Pat Murano's Decimus dispatches have been coming long and consistently enough that they're possibly in danger of being taken for granted - but not by us,…
4 Letter Word
The Trilogy Tapes
Woa! Flørist dousing us in some highly concentrated, serotonin-laced mist! Galloping, gravity-shifting, minor-whiplash-inducing UNIT on the A1 that sees intricate, boundless beat-track damage skirmish and scurry around under…
Music Media
The Kiwi Animal
Digital Regress
The sublime and magnificent! More info and clips to follow. "Digital Regress's foray into the fabled NZ underground hops over to the North Island for two exquisite pieces…
The Kiwi Animal
Digital Regress
The sublime and magnificent! More information and clips to follow.  "Digital Regress's foray into the fabled NZ underground hops over to the North Island for two exquisite pieces…
Frustrated Funk
Covert-drop 2x12" effectively acting as a one-stop re-press of the two flawless, sought-after EPs Gerard Hanson released on Frustrated Funk and its Frantic Flowers sub-label back in 2007.…
Jesus! This one’s taken a while. After the Forlag For Fri Musik edition of Monokultur’s debut LP sold out quicker than you could say "What's an 'Angrar Inget'*?"…
Kings X
John T. Gast
5 Gate Temple
Two-track 12" of armour-plated, tripped-out, dizzyingly uptempo steppers tekno / raw-lion-dubbs...original mix + extended FX version that unfurls into deadly halftime lurch...out-and-out soundsystem warheads both; ridiculous, ram-raiding sub-bass. 22 mins…
Stone Lizard
Heith & Weightausend
Following on from his Mud EP, one of this year’s most distinctive, body- and mind-contorting dancefloor 12”s, Haunter Records boss Heith fires up his Saucers private press for a KILLER…
Vortex Veering Back To Venus
Feeding Tube
**Re-press on transparent vinyl** THE MOZZIES return with their incurable strain of Dipteran dread - the un-swattable rattlings of last year’s “Drip Water Hollow Out Stone” still giving…
A short illness from which he never recovered
Various Artists
Blackest Ever Black
Blackest Ever Black climbs into a plushly lined coffin built to its own exacting specifications, and gently lowers the lid. Yes, A Short Illness From Which He Never…
Receiving The Law
British Murder Boys
The closest thing to a British Murder Boys album that we’re ever likely to get. Half an hour of previously unheard material, prepared during their artist residency at…
Buzzed In / These Past Herberts
The Teleporters
Chocolate Monk
2xCDr, numbered edition of 60. Beguiling, absurdist but frequently sublime spoken word and sound collage from The Teleporters, aka Russell Walker and Mad Headed Octogram... two long fictional…
Still Strange
Gloomy kosmische UFO! "‘Still Strange’ reaches back into the prized loft tapes of Jeff Sharp aka Orior following the revelatory discovery of his overlooked early ‘80s gems on…
Independent Woman
Limited re-run of the 1981 cassette by Maurizio Bianchi, the same year he coughed up "Symphony For Genocide". Comes with riso-print inlay.
No Order In Destiny
Various Artists
Kashual Plastik
**LTD REPRESS IN LESS FIDDLY, CARD SLEEVE** World building compilation of boundless, sinister post-industrial and blissfully sedated, synth muzak from Kashual Plastik, presented in an intricate, rope-bound and…
Bortom E4's Horrisont
Karl Lindh
Low Company
Smudgy existential electronics / pristine minimal jazz with a furtive, fugitive feel…the sound of seeing out your retirement in some anodyne lakeside spa resort, nailing endless schnapps to ward off…
Uguisudani Apocalypse
The Gerogerigegege
The Trilogy Tapes
**REPRESS WITH SPICY ALTERNATE ARTWORK**Siq city-spun sleaze and late-night rascality to soundtrack the bars and back alleys of the Yamanote district of Tokyo, twelve cuts rescued from ye olde…
Various Artists
Pudel Produkte
YUSS! 12" + 7" w/ tracks from Ken Montgomery, Wolfgang Seidel, Asmus Tietchens, Tintin Patrone, Felix Kubin, Esmark, Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny, Carl und Sohn, Jessica Broscheit…
Women's Work
Various Artists
Primary Information
Finally back!  Originally published in the mid-1970s, Womens Work was a magazine that sought to highlight the overlooked work of female artists working at the cusp of the…
1969, 1970
The Music Improvisation Company
Honest Jon's Records
"'The original concepts of vocal and instrumental music are utterly different. The instrumental impulse is not melody in a 'melodious' sense but an agile movement of the hands…
Along the Sun and the Rain
Keijo & Jarmo
Well HOWDY! Highly addictive, mad as a brush blues / psych from two prolific acid-lords of Finland. Sounds like they are jamming lullabies to their pet rattlesnakes, or…
Patty Waters
Blank Forms
Just spent a good fifteen minutes trying to gather some intel as to whether Patty Waters is a smoker or not, foremost reason being the impassable depth and…
Strange Girls
Independent Woman
Strung-out, booze/blooz-sodden, crepuscular rock'n'roll damage from NZ duo Clayton Noone and Kaaterama Morehu, very much song-based, but veering further into abstraction / mind-flaying distortion than most would dare. Sound kinda like…
There's No Heaven Like Hell
Les Rallizes DeNudes + Be
Idol / Alternative Fox
BACK IN and, after serving as a soundtrack to a labour intensive, Guiness fuelled tape assembly session last Friday, stuck in our noggins FOREVER. All about sides C/D…
The Delta Gospel Queen
Lula Collins
Salvation Rock
Lung-limbering breath of fresh air and a almighty puff on the inhaler of the lord jesus right here.Perhaps we have now truly bored ourselves to tears with grubby…
Split LP
Matt Christensen / Circle Bros
Precious spectral psychedelia and downer kosmische spells cast by Matt Christensen (Zelienople) and Circle Bros. Christensen’s 18-minute ‘Driving At Night (Part 4)’ is a guitar-ambient tour de force…
On Holiday With The Lloyd Pack
The Lloyd Pack
Feeding Tube
In 2013 The Lloyd Pack released its debut record, At Home With The Lloyd Pack. A year later, Roger Lloyd-Pack, the distinguished British actor best known for his…
Rose Hobart
Highest folk-trance ascension from Thuja! A truly remarkable and fulfilled vision...their patient, unforced improvisations cohering into dark blossoms of rhythmic psychedelia...everything you wanted from Third Ear Band, everything…
The Four Sisters
Rose Hobart
Aching, textured, strung-out-deeper-than-the-night drone-pop, moving seamlessly from whispered intimacy to all-out napalm-scorch and back again - yeah there aren't enough hyphens in the world to articulate the godlike…
Surf Hair
Surf Hair
Independent Woman
The debut of SURF HAIR - an unknown unit peddling some distortion wrestling mischief - no brainer if ya get a kick out the Hanson stuff or that…
Double Bugger
Itchy Bugger
Low Company
Nggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supremely hungover, red-eyed-and-can't-quite-be-arsed but utterly LIFE-AFFIRMING bedroom/loner-pop masterpiece from the Itchy Bugger. May this record bless your miserable existence like it has ours. Songs that somehow combine…
LP 4
Heavy Metal
Static Age
"COUNTER ELECTRODE - IRON MONO" "KILLING YOURSELF TO OWN YOUR PARENTS & THE TORIES" The eagerly, queasily awaited return of HEAVY METAL. Their fourth album in as many…
The Clearing
A Produce
All Night Flight
Hark! A Produce’s disgustingly rare and sought-after, ultra-brooding minimal pop epic The Clearing available on vinyl for the first time since its original release in '88. A Produce was…
No Side
The Comes
La Vida Es Un Mus
BIG DAWG Tokyo hardcore LP reissued with the utmost care and precision. More speed and violence and attitude than a one-eyed seagull attacking a carrier-bag of kebab... Monster!…
Heavy Space Anthology Vol. 1
JUST IN: Intercepted transmission that features eighteen tracks taken from the slippery HEAVY SPACE catalogue, an imprint ran by CJA over the last decade and infamous for releasing…
Personal Disorganiser
J.M. Kelcher
Thokei Tapes
Absolute unmitigated BELTER cassette compilation of solo material by John Kelcher, onetime member of Flying Nun nearlymen Sneaky Feelings (authors of the immortal ‘Throwing Stones’), bringing together songs…
Domination Or Destruction
Sealed Records
"Sealed Records release the complete remastered ICONOCLAST Discography including the immense self released 1983 Demo, The Flipside 7″ from 1985 plus Two Compilation tracks. It’s a small but…
Move To Trash
David Yetton
Thokei Tapes
Dreamy, tremulous jangle-pop odds’n’ends from David Yetton, who played in fitfully brilliant Flying Nun combo The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. The solo…
You Were So Young
The Cigarettes
Optic Nerve Recordings
So young? We weren’t even born mate. And yeah, these mod-punk lost boys lasted a sum total of two years (1979-80) and three recording sessions before they stubbed…
Aktionkunst Gerasdorf
Wiener Brut
"Music way ahead of it's time produced in the 80s by short-lived formation Aktionskunst Gerasdorf aka Athletico Kunst Gerasdorf, a project that is well known for it's contribution…