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Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing is our record of the year. Of course this is largely down to the music, and the whole seductive black-hole aura of the thing - and we’ll come to that. But part of it is sentimentality. Released in April, around the time that LC opened its doors for the first time, this debut offering from Punctum - a moody, meticulous masterclass in Isolationist tekno and bombed-out braindance - was probably the first record that felt like “ours”...something that arrived without much fanfare, which we fell in love with naturally and in our own time, and which seemed to resonate with the customers we ended up pushing it to. And a record which frankly didn’t seem to get due recognition outside of our shop-floor. Since then there have naturally been a few other titles that we’ve enjoyed similar relationships with - but first love cuts deepest, eh. Punctum is a collaboration between Caterina Barberina and Carlo Maria. It is in many ways a purist synth record - recorded at the storied EMS studio in Stockholm using a boffin's wishlist of 303s, 606s and Buchlas - but far from sounding cloistered and academic, it has a spiked, decadent, darkside/post-rave sensuality and dynamism that makes it stand out, with a strong whiff of classic Irdial (especially Anthony Manning), of Leo Anibaldi and Abul Mogard's ambient missions, and the outer reaches of early Rephlex. There are no drums - and anyway it's too bleak, too brooding, too boot-on-chest stern for the dancefloor (ask Kenny, he’s tried) - but lord does it move, with chilly analogue tones twisted into haunting melodic themes and evil, acidic, oscillating basslines (culminating in the tranced-out death-disco debauch of 'Quick Botta'.) Sentimentality aside, you need this record, you do.  While we're here, we'd like to thank the IRL and online shoppers alike who’ve graced us with their presence and hard-earned in 2017, and of course the artists who've made the tunes, the labels that've released them, and the distributors who've supplied us (and tolerated our rank amateurism along the way). Our last day open this year is Saturday 23rd December; we then close for Christmas nonsense and re-open on Wednesday January 3rd. Season's greets.     
Depressive, zonked industrial-folk album of the highest order. Sofie Herner brings something absolutely sinister to this record (but when doesn’t she? - check out her solo project Leda…
Short Passing Game
Davy Kehoe
Wah Wah Wino
Re-press of one of this year's most deservedly frotted-against releases. Apologies if you already know/own it, but it's worth flagging up for those who don't.  For one thing Short Passing Game feels…
More Wealth Than Money
Normil Hawaiians
Upset The Rhythm
Bury us happy: the lost debut album from Normal Hawaiians, one of the great unsung UK art-rock bands, officially released for the first time some 35 years after it…
Inna Babalon
John T. Gast
Back in stock! Double-vinyl pressing of John T. Gast’s Inna Babalon courtesy Italy’s Haunter Records. Originally released as a tape on his own 5 Gate Temple in early…
ulf / fdm
Floating Di Morel
Play Loud! Productions
Germany's foremost practitioners of laconic, sickly drone-punk minimalism Kai Drewitz and Sabine Blödorn return with what will surely be seen as their late (mid?) period masterpiece. It's a collaboration…
V 2.0-2.9
Waveform Transmission
Astral Industries
Astral Industries follows its wonderful Chi Factory and Heavenly Music Corporation sets with a revival of Rod Modell and Chris Troy’s Waveform Transmission project. Existing at a slight…
Low Life
"Ya fuckin’ dog cunt…" Low Life’s modern classic of thugged-out, misanthropic murder-punk, reissued by Alter. Recorded in Sydney in 2012 and originally slated to come out on Brendon…
Brannten Schnure
Dark, psychedelic folk-song fragments and unheimlich electronics from a German duo featuring Christian Schoppik (also of Diamanteter Oberhof), and apparently inspired by Nico, Novy Svet and David Jackman.…
Christian Dugstad & Danielle Innocenti
Oblivion Dip
Dense, palpitating hypnobeat and dark ambient from somewhere in the Sex Tags kosmos. The A-side offers two fairly brisk and banging acid-techno cuts, the trackier, more bleakly Teutonic-sounding second…
LP 2
Heavy Metal
Static Age
Back in stock! Second outing for beloved Berlin space-punk negativists. Re-press with blue-on-white artwork after first run flew. Instant DIY classic, and almost certainly album of the year.…
The Garden
Carla dal Forno
Blackest Ever Black
We decided that BEB releases should be ineligible for our main best-of-2017 list - because it's hard for us to look objective. Had to make an exception though…
Lisova Kolekciya
Svitlana Nianio
Mysterious art-song and astrally-attuned electronics on this quietly stunning LP, originally circulated as a private cassette edition in 1996, and now available on vinyl for the first time…
I Won't Have To Think About You
Various Artists
A Colourful Storm
A comp of 80s and 90s Australian indie-pop, jangle and songs for the lovelorn librarian in us all. Music that so powerfully evokes the hormonal rush and ache…
Grim Zenith EP
Christoph De Babalon
Immaculately produced, darkside breakbeat deconstructions and chasmic industrial 'scapes. This is the record we’ve been waiting for from feels like the perfect synthesis of Nina and Tobi’s tastes...extremely…
2017 reissue of Jochem 'Newworldaquarium' Peteri's smoked-out, subaquatic techno opus from 2004, something of a modern classic, as opaque and absorbing it was thirteen years ago. Essential. 2x12".…
Blubber Totum
Cru Servers
12th Isle
"For their second release, 12th Isle proudly fling 'Blubber Tottum' into the waxen sonic abyss for your full listening pleasure. The inaugural LP drubbed from the Glaswegian machines…
La Vida Es Un Mus
Minimal street-punk assassinators from Rixe...all twelve tracks from their three EPs to date compiled into one brisk and brutal set, "remastered for maximum volume". Their 2015 debut Coup…
All about 'Extended Mix', which maps breakbeats onto deep house's infinite wave with truly original, awe-inspiring results. Somehow cold and blissy at the same time. Forget everything you…
Il Bestiario
Maria Monti
Limited edition re-press, ships from December 21st.  Mind-blowing revive from Holidays... minimalist jazz-folk/art-song from 1974, featuring Alvin Curran and Steve Lacy. Recommended for fans of Norma Winstone /…
T'Raenon (Remastered Edition)
Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART)
Back in stock! Remastered edition of one of Photek's most majestic and ageless offerings, originally released on Kirk Degiorgio's Op-ART in '96 and remastered here for a new…
Wanci not wanky. Indonesian musicians produced by Rabih Beaini.  The latest offering from Morphine has barely left the turntable since its arrival here. Tarawangsawelas, a duo from Bandung,…
Static Age
Killer, previously unreleased all-female '78 swisspunk, featuring vocalist Astrid Spirig (who was Liliput's third singer and sang on both their LPs), Loredana Zandonella (bass) and Gitta Gsell (drums).…
R.ess 048
Hidden Village
"Excavated from a now lost cassette, ‘CRG77’ is a series of improvisations conceived of little sleep and minimal natural light. Perhaps best described as the sonic equivalent of…
Phobiza "Noite" Vol. 2
Mood Hut
Glistening, fourth-world-spiced psilocybic dreamscapes, ultimately uncategorisable and totally indispensable. Re-pressed with different (still smart) artwork.    
Gras H'utsi
Spillage Fete
Electro-acoustic hocus pocus and melancholic, digitally disrupted chamber-folk miniatures from the trio of Kevin Cormack, Matthew Hunt and Mathew Fowler... like a Witchseason production hijacked by Position Normal. Fowler and…
Meltdown Of The Highest Order
Porridge Bullet
Skewed, gloopy electronics. Genuine air of madness. But not annoying. Yes: a meltdown of the highest order. Best thing we've heard in this vein since the Davy Kehoe…
Intra Musique
Jacques Thollot
Alga Marghen
Thrilling Alga Marghen: a salvaged reel-to-reel recording of a key ’69 performance by prodigious drummer Jacques Thollot and band. Not a name usually mentioned as part of the free…
Stack Music
Konrad Sprenger
"Having felt restrained by the limits of traditional instruments and the techniques tied to them, composer, music producer and artist, Konrad Sprenger (b. Joerg Hiller), spent years developing…
Globex Corp Volume 3
Tim Reaper & Dwarde
7th Storey Projects
The best of the three volumes (to date) of Tim Reaper and Dwarde's old-skool revivalism. The last word in 2017 junglist tekno necromancing.       
The Word
Special Occasion
Jolly Discs
Tempting to say this came from nowhere, but actually there were one or two portents, most significantly Special Occasion’s spotless Big Town 12” for Born Free last year. Based on…
Koharu Kisaragi / Ryuichi Sakamoto
This utopian avant-synth-pop ace from Kisaragi was hurled out of the Japanese reissue cyclone on new label LAG and we’re bloody glad to have caught it. Originally released in…
Light Sleep
This came out earlier in the year, but disappeared faster than you could say "fuck me, that's expensive." It's mercifully been re-pressed, but not in any great quantity…
Dulce Compañia
DJ Python
"Deep reggaeton"? Dunno, but definitely blunted and ethereal broken house/techno of the highest order. Highly recommended.    
Hidden Hawaii
Incredible triple-pack of gristly (is that a word?), hardware-driven dnb, tekno and dubwise ambience. Anonymous authorship, but with a strong whiff of Felix K. Like practically everything on…
Various Artists
Discos Transgénero
"Discos Transgénero present the first ever vinyl reissue of the essential DIY Dutch compilation from Effenaar. Outstanding sounds recovered from Eindhoven 1982.  "Effenaar is a music venue located…
Workshop For The Restoration Of Unfelt Feelings
"Belgian imprint Stroom return with more odd yet fascinating obscurities. This time it is Latvian project NSRD. The late Juris Boiko and Hardijs Ledins were the core members…
Young Druid
Young Druid
5 Gate Temple
New CD on John T. Gast's 5 Gate Temple, apparently by the man himself. Which makes sense - no one does Celtic low-rider quite like this. Young Druid is…
DJ Osom
Exotic Dance
"Better than drugs. Memories of an Earth alien." - Exotic Dance Four cuts of shuffling, staggering dancefloor disruption on DJ OSOM's debut. As difficult to pin down as it…
Le Corps défendant
Delphine Dora & Mocke
The mellow fruits of a long-term, long(ish)-distance collaboration between Paris natives Delphine and Mocke, who now respectively reside in Brussels and the "deepest French countryside", Le Corps défendant is an unorthodox,…
The Mecanocentric Worlds of Pierre Bastien
Pierre Bastien
Live recording of this prolific French composer and multi-instrumentalist, documenting his ensemble of musical automatons built from meccano parts and activated by electro-motors. Bastien’s ingenious Heath Robinson set-up…
No Compassion
Tuning Circuits
Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics
Vinyl edition of the Dutch 1990 cassette, packed with DIY / Industrial "Analogue Dancecore". Whole thing is fucking brilliant, with the title track acting as a totally angst-ridden…
Event Horizon
The Necessaries
Be With
The Arthur Russell archive keeps on giv-....zzzzzzzz. Wait....come back...Fatiguing as the endless posthumous Russ glut has been, this latest is worth looking lively for: a reissue of a pretty…
The Best of Pablo Gad
Pablo Gad
Reggae On Top
 Deadly UK roots and steppers from '82.    
Live '75
Telaio Magnetico
Black Sweat Records
"Reissue with unreleased tracks  from the only one tour of this super group composed in 1975 by Franco Battiato, Lino Capra Vaccina, Juri Camisasca, Mino Di Martino, Roberto…
Amos and Sara Sing the Private World Of Amos
Amos and Sara
Sing A Song Fighter
SASF011 / Reissue / First edition / 500 copies / 2017  Quintessential UK DIY from '81. Chris Gray and Jim Welton. First time on vinyl. Originally a tape…
Horns (Gremlinz & Overlook Remix)
One-sided white label pressing for Gremlinz and Overlook’s baad remix of Future Cut’s classic ‘Horns’ – an out-and-out war riddim if ever there was one. Also a promising…
In The Dust EP
Soundman Chronicles
Free techno paraphysics and a deep-space grime comedown from K-Lone and O$VMV$M, marking the imperious return of Parris’s Soundman Chronicles after a year on safari. Of the two…
In Between
The Feelies
A new Feelies record has no right to sound this good (it's not really a comeback album - that would be 2011's Here Before, which arrived twenty years…
Maison Rose
Emmanuelle Parrenin
"An album such as this obviously owes a lot to the atmosphere in which it was recorded, which we can imagine was magical. We know it took place…
Captain Ganja And The Space Patrol
Bokeh Versions
Back in: what can already safely be called one of 2017's best, and best-loved, reissues. Title a record Captain Ganja & The Space Patrol and you set up certain…
Blackest Ever Black
Notion 2 Notion
Blackest Ever Black
Blackest Ever Black
Blackest Ever Black
Sleep Heavy
Blackest Ever Black
Awkwardly Blissing Out
Blackest Ever Black
The Garden
Blackest Ever Black
The Master Side
Blackest Ever Black
World Seven
CS + Kreme
Total Stasis
Depth of Decay
Isle of Jura
Lancashire / Fast Fiver
Weevil Neighbourhood
Amajovi Jovi
Invisible City Editions
Don’t Tell Me (How Love Should Feel)
Major Problems / Compassion Cuts
Magiques Créations
Emotional Rescue
Obsolete Machines
echospace [detroit]
XP-3 / XP-1 / Ossia Remix
Mechanical Reproductions
Not on label
First World Record
Upset The Rhythm
Seki Setsu
Myor Massive
Cocktail Mexico