O love is teasin

Singing The Traditional Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain Family
Jean Ritchie
Singing The Traditional Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain Family
Fantome Phonographique
Time to leave the city! The expansive, homeopathic teachings of Jean Ritchie’s 1952 debut sees its first vinyl reissue (LORD how needed it was) in perfect cadence with our first glimpses of summer. Her all-encompassing, powerful yet TREMBLIN’ voice, accompanied only by a home-built, calmly flayed mountain dulcimer, Ritchie’s own fantasies and imaginations are injected across sixteen songs that were first taught to her by her mother, father and fourteen older siblings - fully set to dial us into the bewildering PHENOMENON that is the natural world. This collection also somehow manages to make the thought of growing up amongst the bees n trees, sharing a bedroom with 10 + of yer brothers and sisters and doing actual physical labour every day sound quite, er, idyllic…? Calorie counting commuter-(b)rat daydreams to one side, the liner notes read: “These songs did not come from books”. Too right - a million miles from the stiff, procedural conventions you may or may not expect from songs that are centuries old, what ye have here are HEART-STUNG ballads played with a strong, intuitive rhythm. Songs like “O Love Is Teasin” and “Black Is The Colour” effortlessly evolve, traversing their traditional trappings and giving new life to these visions of the country. TEEMING with personality, the phrasing and flexibility (FOLK AEROBICS?) of these translations ascend into love-lorn mountain mantras and sparse, rhythmic dulcimer enchantments with Ritchie’s life’s practice blended and embedded deep in every note, drawing timeless parallels between all mortal struggles and the cyclic comforts of nature. FFO Basho, Collins, “Gardens Where We Feel Secure”, The Fates, Sandy Bull ++  
So Much Better
Carla dal Forno
Kallista Records
Our Carla returns with the 'So Much Better' 7", her first release since last year’s Top of The Pops covers tape, and her first original material since 2017’s…
The Funnel
Wojciech Rusin
Akashic Records
Passport to an OBSCENELY DYNAMIC, contemplative dimension - “The Funnel” is a set of ancient imaginations in a stranglehold of electronics and steel factory atmosfears, originally composed for…
Destroy All Art Vol. 2
Rock N' Roll Parasite
NOW IN STOCK! The second (and final?) instalment of Andrew Winton’s DESTROY ALL ART compilations, plus very last copies of the now classic Vol.1. These amazing LPs do…
Skiftande Enheter
Skiftande Enheter
Levande Begravd Records
Short sharp SICK LP of javla rock n roll, JJ Ulius and this Swedish squad SKIFTANDE ENTER kick out a thumpin, mob-minded debut of fierce, CALAMITOUS garage-punk autopsy,…
Integriert Euch Nicht
Mark back with another maxi of coiled, concussive breakbeat brawlers, and another rebuke of our limited grasp of German possessive grammar. ‘Fucking Sick Of Myself Since Day One…
Bobby Would
Low Company
"IT’S HAPPENING TO YOU, AGAIN…" Lovelorn, tranq’d-out, majestically understated rok y roll lullabies and dub-pocked, acid-damaged, pain’-it-dark drone-punk from Robert P. of Heavy Metal and Muscle Barbie++, coming…
Mare Australe
Letha Rodman Melchior
Feeding Tube
Crushingly sad and beautiful dream-visions from the late Letha Rodman Melchior, based around submerged, private-sounding chamber music improvisations for piano, woodwind, and strings that move from stately medieval…
Jolly Discs
Limited vinyl pressing of Never's self-titled debut...not only one of the finest Jolly Discs tapes so far, but also one of the great subterranean pop albums (or mini-album...whatever) of recent times. It's…
When The Boom Was On
Emotional Rescue
"We knew about being heartbroken in smoky pubs, so we sang about that."  An absolute treasure of late, jazz-infected West London post-punk pop from the trio of Jim…
Blind-siding EP of devil-mix atmospherics and shapeshifting, fractural sound design - the latest offering from Heith (Haunter Records ++) and the first release on his new outlet -…
VA 4
Various Artists
La Beauté Du Négatif
**Ships Thursday** More info to follow...unreleased Monomorph track + new Jaffa Kid prod. tho!    
Taratil ‘id al-milad
Barbara Kinga Majewska & Marcin Masecki
YES it’s April and YES we are recommending you an LP of Christmas carols. And no we haven't lost our f****ng minds. We're talking Polish Christmas carols, translated…
Ikuro Takahashi
Master drummer Ikuro Takahashi is a bona fide living legend / dark prince of the Japanese psychedelic underground, having served time in the cockpits of void-chasing juggernauts like…
Personal Rock
Front-rank, smoked-out, 1999-vintage but utterly future-proof microhouse / dub abstractions from the mind-machine of Jan Jelinek. 1999, fuck me. Coming hot on the heels of his Farben 12”s,…
Small Worlds
Werner Dafeldecker
Edition Telemark
"Small Worlds" (2004) a is 42-minute composition for improvising sextet by Austrian double bassist, composer and improviser Werner Dafeldecker. The score is written for any instrument and divides…
Old and Red
Thomas Bush
Men Scryfa
Finally, a vinyl pressing of Thomas Bush’s Old and Red, via his commendably unhurried Men Scryfa private press (last seen abetting John T. Gast's Exile in 2013). What…
Carte Blanche
Sir Richard Bishop & David Oliphant / Karkhana with Nadah El Shazly
Cavernous sonics of immeasurable breadth and depth from Sir Richard Bishop. "Carte Blanche", a work of brewing, psychic (b)rain-storms and engrossing, droning out-rock abstractions led by Sun City Girls…
No Order In Destiny
Various Artists
Kashual Plastik
World building compilation of boundless, sinister post-industrial and blissfully sedated, synth muzak from Kashual Plastik, presented in an intricate, rope-bound and hand-crafted wooden cover with several earthy screen-prints…
Half Alive Ganja Music
Vox Populi!
Cor Ardens
MORE Half Dead Ganja Music?! Shove this in ur vape and smog it - new imprint Cor Ardens answers the prayers of all humble worshippers to Vox Populi’s…
No Lagos Musique
LOUD free-form, dead space texture generation and stripped back, Glenn Branca- style studio devolutions from Nina Garcia and her untameable guitar, grinding up every inch of the poor…
Falha Comum
La Vida Es Un Mus
Skiftande Enheter
Levande Begravd Records
Ars srA
Spittle Records
No Title
Sähkö Recordings
Home Fi
Feeding Tube
Too Hot
Not Unloved
Pessimist & Karim Maas
Pessimist & Karim Maas
Pessimist Productions
Available for pre-order only, stock expected in early April 2019. Full-length collaborative album from Pessimist and Karim Maas.    
Positive Disintegration
Blackest Ever Black
**Available for pre-order only, stock expected in April 2019** Butter the toast, eat the toast, shit the toast... god, life is relentless. Positive Disintegration is the long-awaited - genuinely, it's…