Tractor troubles

Absolutely Wino (Georgian Bootleg Version)
Various Artists
Absolutely Wino (Georgian Bootleg Version)
Wah Wah Wino
"Sound of the Rathmines industrial estate ... weirdo wagon dance music." Wah Wah Wino's in-demand, all-hands-on-deck 2LP outing, originally released in early 2017, finally available again - Georgian bootleg edition! Not just a comp but a privileged glimpse of a whole self-contained kosmos of suburban, sub-underground delinquent frequencies that exists purely for the pleasure of its inhabitants - who certainly don’t wanna belong to any club that will have 'em as members. Twelve tracks, spanning various breeds of gonzo, bent-sinister house and hypnobeat, loop-da-loop psychedelia, absurdist flexi-pop and spiky bedroom concrète… playful, self-effacing, but RIGHTEOUS, including contributions from Little Movies, Morgan Buckley, Davy Kehoe, Gombeen & Doygen and Who's The Technician?, and a special appearance from LEE EEL. Works best wolfed down whole, but pay special mind to the hushed hooligan gamelan of OD's 'Super Secret Office Party', the properly lush, bitten-by-the-Black-Dog, Dublin-dreamtime electro of Plop’s ‘Sligo B’, and the dub-pocked (and aptly named) wrong-techno posse cut that closes out the set, Wino Wagon's 'Teen-Romp-Hoe-Down'. Chrissy has come copies, so **one per customer please**. ALSO: this year's formerly real-gone Wino-D re-pressed and back in stock. 
Wino D
Wino D
Wah Wah Wino
RE-PRESS! One per customer please. "First they did their A, B, C now out the hole plops Wino D..." Tripp-drippin' rhythm trax from the House of Wino. Essential gear,…
Perspectives from the Silverspore Expanse
Vymethoxy Redspiders
Lexi Disques
There’s room for everyone in the spacious, synthesised igloo-musik of Guttersnipe’s Urocerus Gigas aka Vymethoxy Redspiders. Shimmering and mystical as they are, still a million miles north of…
Exquisite Angst
Christoph De Babalon
A Colourful Storm
ACS -who brought us those yuppie-baw-twanging 12”s from Mark - raid the cobwebbed catacombs of Christoph De Babalon's DAT archive, emerging with this collection of brawling, bawling, darkside cyberpunk…
Three blissy, strung-out, mutant techno trips from the SVN archive, in finest Acido/SUED style. See especially the C2-esque cresting waves of '2014'.    
Got To Stop Me / Hot Tarmac
I Dischi Del Barone
Following on from last week's bracing self-titled CS on Round Bale, more spluttering vocal unease and heavy bass(ment) frequencies for the Komare Kompletists, this time on a 7"…
Round Bale
Brittle, burbling, opaque minimal synth sufferahs from two moonlighting Mosquitoes, offering a more reduced, scum-electronic take on the fractious decentralised out-rock we know and love them for. Far…
The Next
Pacific City Sound Visions
Following on from those important and far-sighted revivals of Vox Populi’s Half Dead Ganja Music and Frank Dommert’s Kiefermusik, Spencer Clark turns his occasional arkival attentions to the…
Eli Keszler
Shelter Press
Re-press! Ravishing, electronically-enhanced designer jazz - borrowing from concrète, avant-techno, and post-rock to create infinite interior landscapes that are uniquely nourishing and tactile and time-stopping. It’s part of a…
Camizole + Lard Free
Camizole + Lard Free
The ranks of Camizole included some of the most essential personalities of the French underground, notably Dominique Grimaud (Vidéo-Aventures), Chris Chanet (Etron Fou Leloublan) and Bernard Filipetti (Art…
Nu Jungle Dances
Nu Creative Methods
Luminous, undersung LP from Pierre Bastien and Bernard Pruvost, billed by Souffle Continu - whose reissue lovingly replicates the original 1978 release on Jac Berrocal and Michel Potage’s…
Old Rope / Bloody Fist
Thought we’d throw a spanner in the works of the glut of Oz wave pyjama gear with this pile-driving breakcore straight outta’ the Newcastle badlands. This Xylocaine 7”…
The Last LP
Michael Snow
Song Cycle
Man, they don't make Ethnic Forgeries like they used to! Canadian fine artist Michael Snow is best known for his film work, but as a trained jazzer landing…
Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid
Arv & Miljö
Labyrinthine synth music that seems to borrow from the depressive electronics of Scandinavian black metal, the dark side of kosmische and progressive rock, disintegration-loop techno, and the kind of impossibly bleak…
I, Residuum
Christ almighty, a notably calm, somewhat wholesome evening of listening to The Flower Travellin’ Band, slugging herbal tea and debating whether a third Tunnocks Tea Cake is a…
Two Spirits
Various Artists
Crucial mini-comp from the UVB bunker, the latest chapter in their wholesale (but somehow barely remarked-upon by the wider world!) reinvention of dnb, but this time calling on…
Enginetics and Plasmalterations
Best Available Technology
12th Isle
Showcase of “SONICS PROPER” on ‘Enginetics and Plasmalterations’ from Portland’s Best Available Technology. Powerful syzygy of abstract, duffed-up, drowned-world downtempo - think REQ’s One, or Urban Tribe’s Collapse…