Die Stadt als Garten

Erinnerungen an Gesichter
Brannten Schnüre
Erinnerungen an Gesichter
Low Company
The third release on our shop label is a city-as-garden dream-vision rendered in cut-glass Sprechgesang, elegantly mouldering chamber music and uniquely sensitive, minimal electronics. Fragments of the antique/pastoral instrumentation that characterised Katie Rich and Christian Schoppik’s previous work as Brannten Schnure (including that fine Muschelsammlung LP on Vrystaete) - woodwind, hand-drums, strings, piano, fin de siècle music-box melodies – are looped and smeared here into a dronal, hallucinatory folk music for city-dwellers adrift in their environment, in their thoughts, in the vaporous unknowable patternings of non-human forces (them again!). Rich has a voice you could listen to all day, beautiful and austere, and it takes centre-stage here. Her words and phrasings are, at times, as piquant as lines of Imagist poetry; elsewhere they have a documentary, matter-of-fact quality - a young woman walking the streets, inventorising her surroundings with absolute precision and clarity, for entirely mysterious ends. Impossible to think of appropriate reference points for this very special record, but fans of HNAS, Brigitte Fontaine, Dettinger, GAS, Mirror, Werkbund, Virginia Astley ++ owe it to yourselves to check. Small pressing, in stock now.     
Gossiwor (live), Lord Tusk 80th Degree, Rahim, Kamelion Roots & John T. Gast
5 Gate Temple Gossiwor Saga Dance
Ormside Projects | Low Company
Advance online ticket for 5 Gate Temple's Gossiwor Saga Dance at Ormside Projects, Friday 1st February, 2019.  **Once purchased, your name will be added to guestlist; no physical or e-ticket…
Rare Ravers
The Dead C
Ba Da Bing
The Dead C, just about, make “free rock” palatable. Just as a term, it BELCHES a fucking spa-day for the male ego, self-indulgence that so often lacks a…
Fuel 217 / Sacré
Anne Gillis / Jac Berrocal / Jacques Doyen
Présence Capitale D'Avantage
Eerie, inscrutable and until now “lost” 1982 recordings of Mme. Gillis and M. Berrocal’s chance meeting on a dissecting table. On ‘Sacre’, actor/raconteur Jacques Doyen’s spoken French -…
Mostrame lo Peor EP
La Vida Es Un Mus
A venom spittin’ attaque frontal from the La Vida camp - the six track debut from FORRA channels the loose, primitive fury and GRIT of South American hardcore,…
Sublime Frequencies
Just getting around to this monstrous offering from Senyawa, that somehow effortlessly blends sheer Parabellum-esque distorted dirge with ecstatic, heartbreaking Javian instrumentation, as well as an ever-shifting flux…
Still Bewitched
Look Blue Go Purple
Flying Nun
Back in stock! "We just play music, rock 'n' roll, gender has got nothing to do with it.” Utterly essential 2xLP compilation of Flying Nun’s finest group bar…
Hectic Shakes
Christoph De Babalon
Hectic shakes…we’ve all had ‘em. Since the honey-i’m-home ‘Grim Zenith’ 12” on VIS in 2017 announced the return, or at least the sudden profound contemporary RELEVANCE of Christoph…
Enter Silence
Blackest Ever Black
"Following a trio of sprawling, planet-gargling double-LPs, 2013’s self-titled LP on Skrammel, and Second Launch (2015) and Eclipsed (2017) on Blackest Ever Black, Bremen – J. Tiljander and…
The Threats Of Memories
Steven Stapleton & David Tibet
United Dirter
Oh, the sadness of things! DEADLY convenient, powerfully psychedelic herd of collaborations, mostly from the '90s, and arguably some both artists most accomplished material.    
Takehisa Kosugi
Superior Viaduct
We are a wee bit behind on this one. The Low Company locomotive has stumbled and wheezed into 2019, still mopping up the invoices of yesteryear like some…
Breeding Feeling
Current Affairs
Not Unloved
Pair of perfectly pissed-off, high-tempo, ruthlessly minimal jangle-punk thrillers from Current Affairs on a new 7” from Not Unloved, the label that introduced us to Vidal Idles. If…
Black Helicopters
Natural Sciences
GOOD to finally have some of Agnarkea’s bleak, blunted, eschatological hip-hop psy-ops documented on vinyl - means we’ll still be able to listen when the end-times it augurs…
Resin, Parched, Chthonic
Small Cruel Party
Ferns Recordings
Wracked, depressive concrète classic from William Key Ransone. Remastered vinyl edition of the cassette released in 1991 on A State Of Flux. 300 copies.     
The Archives 1995-2000
DJ Die
Not about to pretend Die is some forgotten producer – KING OF THE ROLLERS innit – but he doesn't get anything like his dues. The smoked-out missiles he produced in…
Stone Tapes 001
Various Artists
The Stone Tapes
A new year! A time for for brightness and lightness and optimism and-- naaaaaaah. Straight back down to the dungeon please, where the soundboy harrowings of The Stone…
Prophecy / Version
Jack Ruby produced roots CLASSIC from 1976. Tuff, poetic perfection - they don't come more crucial!!    
Boli Group ‎
Posh Isolation
Exemplary, highly-strung, minimal chamber music that avoids the middlebrow trappings of the dreaded NEO-CLASSICAL while not making a stranger of melody or even the odd well-judged moments of…
Cucina Povera
Night School
This debut LP from Glasgow-based artist Maria Rossi is a perfectly judged and executed marriage of stoic, so-sparse-it’s-barely-there minimal techno, leaky bedsit field recordings and her own sublimely hymnal vocals.…
The Doozer
Feeding Tube
What a treat this is... new album on Feeding Tube from The Doozer, the anonymous-ish, Edinburgh-based, Cambridge-reared purveyor of sumptuous and grown-up psychedelic pop who has possibly suffered…
Vous Et Nous
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem
Fearless, mongrel, high-church free-folk masterpiece…a visionary assemblage of electronic experiments, North African trance, refined acoustics and medieval drones…the square root of the Raincoat’s Odyshape and Marc Hollander’s’ Onzes…