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The real-world shoppe is closed until further notice, but our webshop continues to be operational, and for the time being we are still shipping orders - with free shipping on UK orders over £50. For any shipping/order queries please email ////////////// If you are fortunate enough to find joy in the POWER OF MUSIC and can / want to buy stuff from us then plz - carry on, it’s very much appreciated. If not - we understand! ////////////// We will continue to add a small number of choice new releases to the site where appropriate, but mainly we'll be focussing our energy on seeing through manufacture of our own label and distribution titles, and also rustling up a few morsels that you can enjoy without having to part with your hard-earned.>>>>>>> xxxxxxxxx
Arriving, coincidentally, within days of the O'ERBRIMMING Birdcage 2LP on EM which compiles the best output of his cassette label Bird Friend, Koshiro ‘YPY’ Hino lands on the…
God Bless The Death Drive
Triple Negative
Penultimate Press
All aboard! The dark, dislocated return of you-know-who rattles with instinctive, subliminal voodoo ENCHANTMENT. Yes, if trance was the gradual appearing and reappearing of rhythms between the eloquent…
Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives
Various Artists
Staggering 2LP comp of hard-to-find highlights from the 2013-17 catalogue of Birdfriend, the cassette label run by Koshiro Hino (goat, YPY), a varied and thrilling cornucopia of totally…
3 (re-press)
Not on label
Re-press in plain paper sleeve.  We could make a passionate argument for any one of the Civilistjävel! LPs to date being "the best", and mean it, so let's just…
The Last Song Of My Life
Tori Kudo
Fuck me, absolutely breathtaking LP... a fifty-minute instrumental voyage - somehow both epic and courageously understated - to the outer edges / intersection of DIY pop, free improvisation, modal…
Something Of What We've Lost
Renée van Trier
BAD WOMAN! It was the sleeve photo that drew us to this record in the first place…Mlle. van Trier coming over like a bratty bong-boshin cross between Carla…