Machines Werk
Romantic Net
Sublimely poised astral melancholia / art-decade drone-poems of uncommon delicacy AND depth of feeling. A truly ravishing and redemptive listen. More information and grasping comparisons to follow, probably,…
All Hands Around The Moment
Richard Youngs & Raül Refree
Soft Abuse
Back in!  Richard Youngs has chosen NOW to make the best album of his life???! The damned inconvenience! Yes, this is a gobsmackingly beautiful, searching, soul-nourishing free/chamber-folk epic…
Horses Fucked Over The Head With Bricks
Barn Sour
Careful Catalog
Neeeeeighhhh!!!!!! “Two garbles of slapstick and melodrama” on this 7" from a Canadian sleeper cell with possible Korea Undok Group connections. Side 1: disconcerting female laughter, strung-out Terminator…
Heavy Space Anthology Vol. 2
Deep space skum!! Further spine scavenging amidst the fuselage of the Antipodean underground, this second collection of lost transmissions originally broadcast on the HEAVY SPACE imprint in micro-edition…
I've had it up to hear with fish & chips
Ben Ellul-Knight & Tom White
Calling Cards Publishing
One of the most shocking occurrences of late 2019 was when we let Sanjay go order fish and chips for the lot of us and he came back…
Frusen Musik
Mattias Gustafsson
Careful Catalog
Cranky minimal electronics / basement zoning of the highest order, pungently atmospheric, skirting the edges of noise but pulling back to deliver something more spacious and textured and inviting...something…
Genghis Cohn
Glasney Valley Rec.
Back in stock! One of our favourites of 2019. Last copies, each one has unique artwork.  Wandered in off the street this yin - 13 mins of monochrome-clad…
Enka Mood Collection 5
Various Artists
Another soul-searing, sunglasses-at-night exploration of Japanese popular torch song / death-blues on this, the fifth instalment of An’archives exquisitely packaged Enka Mood 10” series. On Side A, across…
Die Mauer
Michael Ranta
Intensely absorbing, melon-trepanning disc of previously unreleased music from the Cologne-based American master-percussion and collaborator with the likes of Conny Plank, Toru Takemitsu and Harry Partch. Conceived in…
True Love Never Dies
Back in stock! Type ‘Ahoe-Ahoea’ into google and it just thinks you’re an illiterate trying to write “shoes shoes”.  Proof, if it were needed, that this supremely drug/art-damaged…
Raw Dub Creator
TNT Roots
Bokeh Versions
Barn burning steppurz to follow last years 7” of Gast remix destruction… Bokeh play whack-a-dub with the TNT Roots / Earthquake back catalogue and carve a selection of…
Are We Nearly There Yet?
Television Personalities
“Christ, Pete Doherty does 3 weeks in Wandsworth and he's the new Johnny Cash! Guess I must be the new James Brown/Albert [sic] Lee/Brian Wilson put together!” As…
Our Anthems
The Pickle Factory
Twisted Knister
Deadstock copies! The second outing of the Anti-Natural's Scott Faust together with Karla Borecky and Mike Popovich under their bizarre, trance commanding alias, THE PICKLE FACTORY, originally recorded…
A Light In The Window Will Guide Us Safely Home
I could never live in the countryside. I don’t mean the kinda countryside-abutting suburbia from whence I DID come, I mean proper countryside, deep countryside, where Amazon Prime…
Planctae / 8 Fictions
Horse Whisperer
Greater Lanarcshire Auricular Research Council
Two fifteen minute pieces of life-affirming, acid bambi woodwind wizardry that take regular nosedives into shapeshifting, heart-valve-creaking chamber music... Improvisations of the highest vitality from Glasgow's forrest floor, RIYL…
Conversations with the Anthony Burgess cassette archive (1964-1993)
REAL HORRORSHOW 2LP set raiding and re-interp'ing the intimate domestic audio stash of arch-ranter and A Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess - its uncanny assemblages of spoken word, found-sound and air-curdling…
Improvisations On The Pipe Organs Of Europe
Blake Hargreaves
Ultra Eczema
Grand, eerie pipe organ theatrics and a contemporary Folkways triumph from BLAKE HARGREAVES as he travels the continent, sculpting a VERY convincing LP / travelogue in the name…
Vivien Goldman
Finally back in print - Staubgold's RIVETING rundown of Viv Goldman's rickety, teabag-stained dub-pop, a small but perfectly formed body of work centered of course around '81's 'Launderette' single…
I Dischi Del Barone
Back in stock! After an evening earlier this week spent listening to my Dad tell me that the music I like sounds like a "shagged wasp", 'tis a festive blessing to…
Durch Unser Zugedecktes Tal
Brannten Schnüre
NEW BRANNTEN. Please note this is the second pressing of 250 numbered copies, in regular printed sleeve with insert. "Durch unser zugedecktes Tal completes the Seasons Cycle of Brannten…
Back in stock - last copies!  Yoran’s blurred, fragile, endlessly beguiling daydream/dérive of a record, Montparnasse - originally released on 7" in 1981, impossible to get hold of…
Private Failings
Suburban Cracked Collective
No Confidante Dictae Recs
**BACK IN STOCK - FOR ZE LAST TIME!** Fuuuuuuck! Private-press bonce-burner from a subterranean NSW unit with Hour House / Castings connections. Five uneasy pieces, messed-up and wilfully antisocial…
Various Artists
If you can't afford a lavishly decorated, antiques-cluttered mansion pad to recline in, nor a pipe-bowl full of something time-stretching and transporting to suck on, do not despair! Au-Delá…
Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig
Enhet För Fri Musik
Finally! Courtesy of the Grapefruit label in the US, a pricey but NECESSARY new edition of EFFM’s brilliantly fucked-up 2018 album ‘Set Finns…’, originally released on Omlott in an…
Campfire Acid Folk
Lend Me Your Underbelly
Vrystaete has guided us to some holy places in the European underground in recent years - introducing us to the likes of Brannten Schnure, Blessum, Interbellum and Bebe…
On Holiday With The Lloyd Pack
The Lloyd Pack
Feeding Tube
In 2013 The Lloyd Pack released its debut record, At Home With The Lloyd Pack. A year later, Roger Lloyd-Pack, the distinguished British actor best known for his…
Along the Sun and the Rain
Keijo & Jarmo
Well HOWDY! Highly addictive, mad as a brush blues / psych from two prolific acid-lords of Finland. Sounds like they are jamming lullabies to their pet rattlesnakes, or…
External One
Not on label
Sprawling, epically melancholic space-rock / cold-world minimalism from Brainbombs’ Jonas Tiljander and Lanchy Orre. If you’ve heard their self-titled LP, or any of their three albums for the…
The Four Sisters
Rose Hobart
Aching, textured, strung-out-deeper-than-the-night drone-pop, moving seamlessly from whispered intimacy to all-out napalm-scorch and back again - yeah there aren't enough hyphens in the world to articulate the godlike…
Rose Hobart
Highest folk-trance ascension from Thuja! A truly remarkable and fulfilled vision...their patient, unforced improvisations cohering into dark blossoms of rhythmic psychedelia...everything you wanted from Third Ear Band, everything…
Saunetic Fraction
Unovidual & M.NOMIZED
Peripheral Minimal
Ultra-alienated, minimal man-machine killers, 85-vintage, from the duo of Henk Wallays and Michel Madrange. Recommended for fans o’ DZ Electric, Dirk Ivers, early Esplendor G., etc. Some bangers…
Time On Earth
La Vida Es Un Mus
If there was one record we wished we'd released in the year of 2019 - it be this!! The debut LP of this New York squad is a…
All In Good Time
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Castle Face
Shouldn't work after all this time. But it does. Unhurried nggggggh from start to finish. 'Our Quiet Whisper' is just sublime. “It is impossible to denyno one sounds…
Double Bugger
Itchy Bugger
Low Company
Nggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supremely hungover, red-eyed-and-can't-quite-be-arsed but utterly LIFE-AFFIRMING bedroom/loner-pop masterpiece from the Itchy Bugger. May this record bless your miserable existence like it has ours. Songs that somehow combine…
No Side
The Comes
La Vida Es Un Mus
BIG DAWG Tokyo hardcore LP reissued with the utmost care and precision. More speed and violence and attitude than a one-eyed seagull attacking a carrier-bag of kebab... Monster!…
Music Media
The Kiwi Animal
Digital Regress
The sublime and magnificent! More info and clips to follow. "Digital Regress's foray into the fabled NZ underground hops over to the North Island for two exquisite pieces…