Old and Red
Thomas Bush
Men Scryfa
**Warehouse find** Finally, a vinyl pressing of Thomas Bush’s Old and Red, via his commendably unhurried Men Scryfa private press (last seen abetting John T. Gast's Exile in 2013). What a record it is: taking in droll, digressive threshold-pop, plaintive…
The Dark Side Project Of The Moon
The Company Ltd.
a terrible misunderstanding
**Warehouse find** "Please let me touch Britney's pussy / I'm 10 years old / I die on Thursday." Singular remorseless North London DIY audio-nasty recorded piecemeal in 2001-2007, self-released as a CD a few years later, and now manifesting in the…
Live At Browns
Vertical Slit
Emerging from the shadows of Siltbreez HQ as hench and ready to rumble as the sunstroked arachnids that have started appearing in our house over the last few days, this blazing live doc of Vertical Slit straps the perpetually idle…
Hard Drive Vinegar Vol. 1
Not on label
**Warehouse find ** Timely masterclass in sub/urban voidcraft from LST: seven (?) lunatic zoaners and rusted bio-mech dreamweapons “made in isolation from 2009 to the present day”. S'a buzz, more than ever, to behold muzik so attuned to the provisional…
22 Coloured Bull Terriers
Vincent Over The Sink
Another Dark Age
In the course of a recent sleeves-up unclogging of the shop’s stinkin' intestines, we found many INTERESTING things (INTESTINE things?), most of them now in the bin, but also some stray copies of this staggeringly brilliant 2015 release.  As some…
The Four Sisters
Rose Hobart
New Zealand’s intimist pop quartet Entlang weren’t with us for very long – a few years during the 1990s, and then they were done. In that time, the group, an offshoot of now-féted noise-pop group The Garbage & The Flowers,…
Rose Hobart
Thuja’s 2002 album, Hills, emerged out of a particularly productive phase for the loose assemblage of musicians known as the Jewelled Antler Collective. Extant since the late 1990s, formed in San Francisco, Jewelled Antler had developed out of a certain…
Music Media
The Kiwi Animal
Digital Regress
The sublime and magnificent!  "Digital Regress's foray into the fabled NZ underground hops over to the North Island for two exquisite pieces of acoustic DIY and shadowy, cracked pastoralia. "After a few years spleen venting at the front of Wellington…
Kings X
John T. Gast
5 Gate Temple
Two-track 12" of armour-plated, tripped-out, dizzyingly uptempo steppers tekno / raw-lion-dubbs...original mix + extended FX version that unfurls into deadly halftime lurch...out-and-out soundsystem warheads both; ridiculous, ram-raiding sub-bass. 22 mins of music approx. DL inc.    
3 (re-press)
Not on label
Re-press in plain paper sleeve.  We could make a passionate argument for any one of the Civilistjävel! LPs to date being "the best", and mean it, so let's just say that this third volume of late '90s / early 2000s archival…
2 (re-press)
Not on label
**Warehouse find** Re-press in plain paper sleeve.  The second volume of previously unreleased material from cloak-and-dagger Swedish electronics project Civilistjävel!. Until last year's 1 LP their work - created mostly in the 1990s, using Juno60 and Korg MS20 - had never been officially…
Not on label
**Warehouse find** Edition of 199 numbered copies with hand-pasted sleeves, one per customer please. The second volume of previously unreleased material from cloak-and-dagger Swedish electronics project Civilistjävel!. Until last year's 1 LP their work - created mostly in the 1990s, using Juno60…
Not on label
**Warehouse find** Dazed and delighted to be distributing the first officially available material from the ultra-covert Civilistjavel! project - primarily active in Sweden in the 1990s, their work has never been properly documented outside of their own private tape/CDR-trading networks. How we stumbled…
Banner / Nore
Junior Loves
Not on label
Sinewy, hard-hitting steppers from London way. Junior Loves has a bit of form, last seen on Tabernacle in 2018, but this new, self-released, hand-scribed 10", with two tracks served up discomix style, is very much its own thing: a timeless, unpretentious cry-tuff encounter…
Pessimist & Karim Maas
Pessimist & Karim Maas
Pessimist Productions
Now in stock! Pessimist links with longtime associate Karim Maas for twelve untitled, interconnected tracks of paranoid, dub-fissured hip-hop and voidal techno pressure. Forget dnb…this is a downer than downtempo excursion, deep and dread, heavy as a jeep parked on your chest,…
Pessimist Productions
New no-fuss label from Pessimist focussed on (yep!) his own productions and collaborations. This first outing offers up two droning, paranoid breakbeat dreadnoughts that are unmistakeable Pess. The signature numinous drones and all-pervading sense of DREAD are present and correct, but rhythmically…
Ibiza Redux
Special Occasion
Jolly Discs
Dunno how it’s going wherever you are in the world, but - UNTIL TODAY AT LEAST - summer in London 2019 has been, to use the official meteorological term, “utter shite”. Thank god then for this factor-30-slathered 6-track 12” from…
RAP (Thomas Bush & Guy Gormley)
Jolly Discs
**Vinyl edition, housed in full picture sleeve.** Free, fresh, rowdy-cum-wistful rave/blooz mutations from Thomas Bush and Guy Gormley (Special Occasion, Enchante), improbably applying hardstyle tempos to breezy, dub-scuffed pop songs with soca/funky-derived rhythms and eerie, ambient/folk textures (what?). Hashed out over…
Jolly Discs
Limited vinyl pressing of Never's self-titled debut...not only one of the finest Jolly Discs tapes so far, but also one of the great subterranean pop albums (or mini-album...whatever) of recent times. It's a collaboration between vocalist/songwriter Sam Bardsley and JD co-founder Guy Gormley (aka Enchante, one…
Untitled (Repress)
Steffi Grafs Innere Ruhe
The News Cycle
*REPRESS IN PLAIN PAPER SLEEVE* "Wichtig ist: Wie fühlst du dich, wenn du abends ins Bett gehst?" Advanced, microtonal, free tekno trips from beyond the ultraworld…tomorrow’s news today. On ‘Gute Freizeit’, predator-mode bass cuts Moonraker-like across beats broken with fanatical,…
Novostj DsorDNE
ACC Records
Mouldering, mind-altering minimal electronics, mingled with lavishly baroque songs of thwarted romance/escape, suffused with high Catholic drama and fatalism and dread… we’ll have some of that! The original Italian DIY/industrial scene has been heavily plundered in recent years, but the work…
AJ Pain
ACC Records
"ACC Records is proud to announce its first adventure beyond the archive: 'executive information music' from London-based, Bulgarian-born artist AJ Pain (Stan Iordanov). Deeply material and materially cold, yet always haunted by some kind of shimmer reminding us of a luminescence…
Gras H'utsi
Spillage Fete
Electro-acoustic hocus pocus and melancholic, digitally disrupted chamber-folk miniatures from the trio of Kevin Cormack, Matthew Hunt and Mathew Fowler... like a Witchseason production hijacked by Position Normal. Fowler and Cormack are behind some of our favourite underground sides of recent times, all…
Harry Deerness
Harry Deerness
Spillage Fete
Sublime 2011 outing from Kev Cormack (Speedbooth, I Can I Can't, Jam Money ++). Very highly recommended for fans of Stereolab, Pram, Broadcast, etc.  "A psychedelic celebration of decay: an intricate composition of lost and found sampled cassette material loosely…