DJ Die Soon
Hench, fire-breathing promo 7" featuring an untold, disorderly, Container Vs Slimzos-style SPLACKER on the A-side, with hallucinatory, space-waster tekno debris set loose on the reverse. Comes in advance…
This Is Not A Dream
Very necessary collection of the complete recorded output of Dadamah, the highly combustible and ultimately short-lived Dunedin drone-rock dervish comprised of Janine Stagg, Roy Montgomery, Kim Pieters (Rain, Cobweb…
Gaia Tones #002
Gaia Tones
Gaia Tones
New brace of loose, lengthy, smoked-out free-techno sufferahs from the Gaia Tones camp. Hand stamped and tape sealed. More info to follow...    
Personal Wastelands
FOQL & Fischerle
Paralaxe Editions
Very sick tape of lawless, space-time-contorting broken tekno and polyalloy robo-ambiences from two estimable Polish mind-hackers...different flavours going on across six substantial trax, but at its best it sounds like T++…
Blue Suburban Skies
Even As We Speak
Optic Nerve
Bittasweet, iridescent Aussie jangle-pop from Sarah Records-anointed Even As We Speak...a faithful reissue of their super-rare '87 7" originally issued by Big Home Productions.  While this Sydney gruppe's greatest…
Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy
Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko
Night School / Skire
WOW. Perfectly poised, enduringly mysterious deep-space folk/art-song from singular Ukrainian artist Svitlana Nianio - seriously, when all's said and done, can you even imagine music more beautiful than this?!  It's…
Tomás Tello
Dizzying insectoid rhythm trips, dainty DIY dream-logic and humid, heavily psychoactive atmospheres massively recommended for anyone into Raymonde’s recent stuff (Everybody Loves Raymonde), Vilod, O Yuki Conjugate or the…
Gagarin KombinaattI
Double LP of previously unreleased recordings that bring to light Mika Vainio’s earliest musical endeavours…UNREAL. Truly blown away by this. It’s hard to believe these tracks haven’t received…
Index Hole
Central Processing Unit
Murky, many-angled, insane-in-the-mainframe electro and unapologetically labyrinthine IDM trips produced by Tom Knapp...This came out last year but we've kept coming back to it and back to it…
Urban Fossickated Octave
Million Brazilians
Feeding Tube
Stormbringer! More info to follow. Edition of 250. "Beautiful new LP (the seventh, I believe), from this wonderfully abstract outfit, who were birthed in the shadow of Smegma…
Before The Age of Mirrors
Raspberry Bulbs
Barn-burning, bone-crushing return of Raspberry Bulbs and their Lovecraft-deranged, black-metal-tainted, scorched-punk-policy - this their first album since 2014's BEB outing Privacy. Recorded, like its predecessors, DIY and no-frills to…
Sideral Escape
Healing Force Project
amenthia recordings
An unrelentingly original, criminally underrated producer comes forth with a slowly-rotating BRAIN TEASER of an LP, housed in THAT completely mesmerising, butternut squash-violating sleeve. Six tracks that bow…
Enamorados Del Control Total
La Vida Es Un Mus
Some motherfucker has nicked our last 7” adapter, so these cloaked hombres, known as ALGARA, are kicking out four tracks of all-together more wavy but totally BLINDING, razor-sharp,…
Karanlık Plate
**Back in stock - last copies!**   12", edition of 100. The Ana young team unleash hell once again and continue to shake new life into the sometimes…
Elemental Dreaming
Primitive Motion
I Dischi Del Barone
Wowzer, creeps up on ye this one... didn't listen to ANYTHING else in the shoppe on Saturday. And it's a fucking SEVEN-INCH. Make of that what you will! …
Family Underground
Family Underground
I Dischi Del Barone
Ooft! Expansive, dronal-psych single from the prolific Danish free-musik trio - poised, GRACEFUL improv witchery b/w distant percussive labyrinths clouded by a fog of window-rattling synth and budget-kosmiche…
The Landlord
C.I.A. Débutante
Bare knuckle / black hole destruction unit that have seemingly half-demolished the claustrophobic chapel for deformed techno worship that Cabaret Voltaire built, leaving this now roofless, crumbling structure…
Into Dark Water
O Yuki Conjugate
Emotional Rescue
F*****g finally!!!!! O Yuki Conjugate’s Into Dark Water - their second album, and masterpiece - available on vinyl again, and in stock now. That post-industrial, proto-techno melding of…
Horizontal Phase
Horizontal Phase
Not on label
Sleek, techno-inflected, high-muscle-definition drum 'n bass DJ kuts...two-steps-from-the-darkest-side but keeping things buoyant and ravey and ruthlessly uptempo...eerie neurasthenic atmospherics harnessed with the lightest of touches as huuuuuge body-numbing subs run…
Fall In Love With Yourself
M. Quake
Purely Physical
M. Quake (first and last spied collaborating with T. Manek on BEB a coupla years back) drops a 2-track 7" of cloudy oneiric dub exhorting you, on Valentine's…
Beatrice Dillon
Snap me like a rubber band! Beatrice Dillon’s much anticipated, crisp-as-the-white-winter-sun new album, yolking acoustic textures and street-level Afro and Caribbean influences into hard-edged, high-torque, magnificently UPFUL computer-tekno/grime vectors.…
Killer Bees
Not On Label
**Back in stock!** Welcome exhumation of unheard, sizzlin' 1980 6-track'er from Cleveland. Uncompromising art-punk spew and righteous clatter, a depressive and WRITHING tour de farce recorded in some dank…
Goblin Wizard Cauldron Spell
The Mail Coif
Medieval Ditties Compendium
Yes, my liege... Jackson 'Tapes' Bailey with a mystic stepper of medieval persuasion, b/w a beatless, eerie synth dawn-chorus...smoke lifting from a battlefield strewn with the corpses of…
Elemental Dreaming
Primitive Motion
I Dischi Del Barone
Wowzer, creeps up on ye this one... didn't listen to ANYTHING else in the shoppe on Saturday. And it's a fucking SEVEN-INCH. Make of that what you will! …
Sick Universe Demands Sharing
SUDS (Christoph De Babalon & Wilted Woman)
Spun-out but fleet-footed breakbeat-techno/IDM android-amphibians from Wilted Woman and Christoph De Babalon's entirely unexpected collaborative projekt. Particularly diggin the aquatic-ruin-zone dub (dare I say dubstep?!) of 'Mirage March' and 'Trauerweide''s…
Who is experimental music?
Not on label
Aggy, inscrutable, blackly LOL minimal/digital cut-ups...relentlessly uncomfortable and abstract and unyielding. If you were there for her set at the 2019 LC fest (please don't call it a…
Strictly Dubwise
Bush Chemists
The much sought-after '94 Conscious Sounds classic back in print. Killer UK dub album.       
The Orion Years
Hybride Sentimento
The Melodies Souterraines crew gives Thomas P. Heckmann's lush, wormhole-traversing, acid-flecked ambient tekno opus, originally released on Mille Plateaux in '94, the lux 25th anniversary reissue treatment on…
Live on Spin Age Blasters
Crazy Doberman
Mind/No Mind
Handmade edition of 60 cassette, each one unique. Only a few in stock. "The Crazy Doberman onslaught continues unabated, and this’s personal! The core Doberman duo of Tim…
Singende Drähte
Deux Baleines Blanches
Bureau B
Elegant, painterly electro-acoustic / avant-pop daydreams from Stefan Schneider's pre-To Rococo Rot, pre-Kreidler project, previously only available on a near-mythical cassette micro-edition...impossible not to be moved by this…
The Pastoral - Not Rustic - World Of Their Greatest Hits
Pitiless first-person explorations of toxic! The Teasers' debut 10" LP from '95, one of the most memorable and perverse and improbably hard-hitting garage-punk (or whatever you wanna call…
Die Verachtung
Felix K
Exploratory drum 'n bass / techno submersibles from Felix K...belter 12", bridging his raw, dub-scuffed hardware-driven sound of recent times with the icy precision of vintage Hidden Hawaii productions. …
I Don't Want To Be Dug Up From The Wet Earth Anymore
From gardens where we feel insecure! Always exciting to hear a compilation of new music from a host of (mostly) unknowns - not least in a world so…
The Saturn Star
Jorge Velez
Suspenseful XVARR-esque kosmic/ceremonial electronics, apparently inspired by Third Ear Band, Coil, Carlos Peron and European folk music, produced using only a Korg MonoPoly and Prophet 6, and imagined…
All Hands Around The Moment
Richard Youngs & Raül Refree
Soft Abuse
Back in!  Richard Youngs has chosen NOW to make the best album of his life???! The damned inconvenience! Yes, this is a gobsmackingly beautiful, searching, soul-nourishing free/chamber-folk epic…
Pedra de 800kg
PML Beatz
Cannot to claim to possess even a crumb of knowledge / expertise on the kudoro / batida hurricane but farkkkk ascending, this be a good one!! Hard, hypnotic…